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Wisconsin High Point - Timms Hill (Elevation 1,952 Feet)

Photos Of Wisconsin's Highest Point, Observation Tower, Autumn Foliage - October 8, 2008

Wisconsin Highest Point Wisconsin Highest Point

On the morning of this visit to Timms Hill, the Wisconsin high point, it felt like I had a "hangover" from yesterday's visit to Minnesota's high point. The long drive across Minnesota, the constant rain and long hike made for an intense day.

However, today was more relaxing and along with the visit to Timms Hill, I captured many beautiful fall foliage photos. This is a pleasant U.S. state high point that I recommend to travelers and high pointing enthusiasts.

Directions: Timms Hill is located in a county park (Timms Hill County Park) in southeast Price County. The entrance is located on Highway 86 between the towns of Ogema and Spirit. Inside the park, drive on the narrow and paved road to its end. The short 300 yard hike to the high point and observation tower begins at the parking lot.


Timms Hill, Wisconsin Truly, it is a short hike.
Wisconsin High Point Timms Hill, WI A large wooden observation deck stands at the high point.
Wisconsin Fall Foliage

Wisconsin High Point

Steve Garufi

I visited at the perfect time of year. Adjacent are three photos of the stunning autumn colors! :)

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  • Fire Lookout Tower Next to the observation tower is a fire lookout tower. It reminded me of the Devils Head Lookout in Colorado.
    Wisconsin High Point

    Wisconsin High Point

    More autumn foliage from the top!

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  • Timms Hill At the top of the observation tower, looking down at a woman below.

    Assorted Fall Foliage Pictures

    Along Wisconsin Highway 86 in Price County.

    Autumn Foliage
    More roadside foliage. Autumn Foliage
    It was much brighter in person! Wisconsin Fall Foliage Wisconsin Fall Foliage
    Looking up at some trees. Timms Hill County Park
    Yellow and red leaves. Wisconsin Fall Foliage
    The roadway inside Timms Hill County Park. Timms Hill County Park
    Another view along Highway 86.

    Timms Hill County Park

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