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Winter Snow Scenes - Snowy Drive To St. Elmo Ghost Town

Photos of Winter Snowfall, Snowy Roads and Snowy Mountain Scenery In Chaffee County, Colorado - December 23, 2010

Winter Snow In The Colorado Rocky Mountains
It has been a very snowy week in Colorado's mountains, and the ski areas of our state have been hammered with snow. Today I traveled from Buena Vista to the St. Elmo Ghost Town, located in the heart of the Sawatch Range. If you love snow and winter scenery, I trust you will enjoy the photos below.
St. Elmo Colorado
Above: Approaching St. Elmo, Colorado from the east on Chaffee County Road 162. Once a bustling mining town during Colorado's settlement and early mining era, only three people live here all year round.

Snowy Road West of Agnes Vaille Falls and Cascade Falls (as one travels from Nathrop to St. Elmo), the road climbs and reaches the old railroad grade that served as the main form of transportation 100 years ago.

As you can see, I enjoyed the snowy road conditions!

Winter Snow A bend to the right.
Winter Snow Continuing through a snowy winter wonderland.
Colorado Snowman I pulled over to sit next to this large roadside snowman. :)
Winter Snow Scene As I traveled farther into the canyon, it began to snow like crazy. Adjacent is a shot that shows snowflakes coming down.

Approaching St. Elmo. Colorado Snow Scene
Approximately 20 to 25 original buildings remain standing in St. Elmo. All of them are privately owned. Visitors are welcome to take pictures from the road, but it is prohibited to trespass on people's private property. St. Elmo, CO
There's nothing like a Colorado winter with its huge amounts of snow in the mountains! Adjacent is a shot of probably the most photographed building behind me. St. Elmo Ghost Town
St. Elmo is a very popular lauching point for snowmobilers. The snowmobile trails in the region are many, including paths leading to Hancock Pass, Williams Pass, the Alpine Tunnel and Tincup Pass. St. Elmo, Colorado
It began to snow really hard!

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    Mountain Snow Scene Visibility wasn't the greatest, but I liked the mountain on the other side of the canyon.
    Snow Scenery Snowfall continued to come down hard.
    Snow Scene Such a beautiful winter snow scene.
    Winter Snow Scene My final photo was taken near the "soft shoulder" that has a stunning view of Alpine Lake below. A small cluster of aspens are positioned beside the overlook.

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