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Window Rock In Colorado National Monument

Get your red rock scenery right here ...
Another easy hike is the Window Rock Trail in Colorado National Monument. From the Book Cliffs View area near the visitor center, a trail leads to Window Rock is less than 0.5 miles, one way.

Window Rock, Colorado
Photo Above: My photo of Window Rock from the Book Cliffs View. Yes, it is that short of a walk to get there.

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Window Rock Trail


September 19, 2012 - On this day, I hiked the Canyon Rim Trail (another easy hike) and then continued to Window Rock.
Colorado National Monument Ahhhh. What beautiful scenery in Colorado National Monument!

Independence Monument, Praying Hands and Pipe Organ are all in view.

In the direction that I would walk. You can't quite see Window Rock in the photo.
John Otto Colorado National Monument John Otto is my hero. I love this quote.

"I came here last year and found these canyons, and they felt like the heart of the world to me. I'm going to stay and promote this place because it should be a National Park"- John Otto, 1907

Window Rock Trail, Colorado

Window Rock Trail

Onward I hiked on the Window Rock Trail. A sign said it was a 0.5 mile hike (one way), but it is definitely shorter.
Window Rock Colorado National Monument And there it is, Window Rock.

There is a railing. Be careful and don't be stupid near the edges of the cliffs.
Steve Garufi Myself with the town of Fruita and the Book Cliffs behind.
On the way back to the visitor center, I hiked on the road.

There are so many red rock formations in this park ... a dime a dozen, some might say. Personally, I like them. :)


Window rock and the scenery all around.

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