Williams Lake (elevation 11,041 feet) - Taos Ski Village, New Mexico

A Pretty High Elevation Lake
Williams Lake is a beautiful lake at 11,041 feet in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico. It is a popular hike from Taos Ski Village, where a well-marked trail heads two miles to the lake. Near the destination, a spur trail can be taken up the basin to Wheeler Peak (13,161 ft), the highest point in the state.

Directions: From Taos, take Highway 150 through Arroyo Seco and to the Taos Ski Village. Follow the signs to the Williams Lake Trailhead parking lot. You can also search for the Bavarian Restaurant in Taos Ski Village; the trailhead is just before that landmark.

Williams Lake, New Mexico
Williams Lake displays her beauty with mountains behind.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Taos, NM Mountains

Taos, NM Mountains


Two mountain photos as I traveled on Highway 150 near Arroyo Seco. This road leads into the canyon where Taos Ski Village sits.
Williams Lake Trail On the trail and headed upward to the lake.
There are plenty of views of mountains.
Wheeler Peak & Williams Lake Just before the lake is the Wheeler Peak Trail.
Williams Lake, NM

Williams Lake, New Mexico

Williams Lake, NM

Williams Lake, New Mexico

Three photos of the lake. Ahhh!

Williams Lake, NM Another shot of the lake.
Williams Lake, NM I'm still recovering from Morton's Neuroma in both feet. Thankfully, I've done a few Colorado mountain hikes this year, including West Spanish Peak, Trinchera Peak and Almagre Mountain. Before 2016 ends, I'll be back in northern New Mexico to take on Wheeler Peak.

Everything about my outing was not too shabby. :)
Facing towards Wheeler Peak. I was told you can not see the summit from the lake.
Bavarian Restaurant Coming back down, I hiked past the Bavarian Restaurant. If you want, you can have your celebration burger or beer right here! :)

Lots of scenery at the lake.

A pretty spot on the trail.

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