Wilkerson Pass - Park County, Colorado

Photos of Colorado Mountains and Scenery At Wilkerson Pass

Photos at Wilkerson Pass
On this page are my photos of Wilkerson Pass in 2003. I have traveled through this spot countless times, and I vow that on my next drive, I will take much better pictures of the mountains and scenery. Along with these photos, you can see my fall foliage photos in the area. All the best, Steve

Wilkerson Pass Colorado
Elevation 9,507 feet.

Pikes Peak Colorado
The grand view toward Pikes Peak.
Wilkerson Pass
The mountain scenery toward the west. Mount Yale is the peak on the left.
Mountain Views
Plenty of mountain views to go around.

A sign in the pedestrian area.
South Park Colorado
The high plains region to the west is known as South Park.
More scenery of the mountains.
Wilkerson Pass, CO
Wilkerson Pass is located on U.S. Highway 24 between Hartsel and Lake George.

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