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White Ridge (13,684') - Gemini Peak (13,951') - Mt. Sherman (14,036')

My Hike of Two Colorado 13ers In the Mosquito Range ... Plus Mount Sherman - August 18, 2010

White Ridge, Colorado - Elevation 13,684 Feet
White Ridge, CO
White Ridge caught my interest ever since my first climb of Mount Sherman in 2004, but sadly, it is a mountain most climbers are oblivious to. It is an unranked 13er, and an Internet search for this peak shows hardly any hike reports have been written about this mountain. Thus, White Ridge was lifted up as my #1 goal for today's climb.

I parked at the gate on Park County Road 18, hiked to the saddle between Mt. Sherman and White Ridge, and ascended White Ridge's summit. I then finished out the morning with an ascent of Gemini Peak, followed by crossing Mt. Sherman and descending via Mt. Sherman's marked trail down the ridge.

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I know. I should have drank something with more "umph." :)
Video At White Ridge

You can watch more of my Colorado videos here: www.youtube.com/kisscactus.

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Mt. Sherman, CO
Photos - My Hike

I parked at the gate at Park County Road 18 ("Fourmile Road") and hiked the standard route toward Mt. Sherman. Near the Hilltop Mine, I ventured off the main trail and hiked directly to the saddle between White Ridge and Mt. Sherman. I found this route relatively easy, at least, for someone with previous Class II experience of mountains like this. Also, regular poster on the 14ers.com forum informed me that this route is the "standard winter route" for Mt. Sherman.

Colorado Scenery Having climbed for awhile, a look back at the Hilltop Mine (left). Horseshoe Mountain (back left) and Mt. Sheridan (back right) are the two lofty peaks behind. Also, the saddle between Mt. Sherman and Mt. Sheridan (site of Mt. Sherman's standard route) is on the right.
Talus Field Climbing up. No trail exists. Ah what fun! :)
White Ridge, CO The beautiful view of White Ridge.
White Ridge, Colorado On the ridge, the view of what I had left on White Ridge. Note the pointed peak in view is a false peak; the summit is approximately two tenths of a mile behind.
White Ridge, CO
The Summit of White Ridge - Alt. 13,684 Feet

Myself on the summit. My Arkansas Razorbacks hoodie has become quite handy, as I love the large front pouch for carrying my drink and camera.

Colorado Mountains Looking toward Fourmile Road, the gulch where I started my hike.
I zoomed-in on the closing gate of Fourmile Road. It was interesting how I was practically looking straight down at those vehicles, with the red truck being mine. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the view from the truck.)
Colorado Rocky Mountains Facing south with the Buffalo Peaks way out there left of center. Weston Peak can also be spotted just to the right of the Buffalo Peaks if you know what you're looking at.
White Ridge, CO Facing southeast-east. Sheep Mountain (12,818 feet) is the pointed peak left of center. Also way out there on the left is the faint outline of Pikes Peak.
Mount Silverheels A nice view of Mount Silverheels and Highway 9 that runs through Fairplay and Alma.
Colorado Rocky Mountains The Mosquito Range to the north. The Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross cluster of 14ers is in view.
Mount Sherman, CO After spending plenty of time on White Ridge, I was ready to hike to Gemini Peak. Adjacent is the view of Mt. Sherman (left) and Gemini Peak, the pointed peak on the right. I hiked up the slope between the peaks ...

... It was a barren wasteland of talus! :) Talus
I walked close to Mt. Sherman, and noticed the people on the summit. Mt. Sherman took a back seat on this climb, for Gemini Peak, another unranked 13er, was my next goal. Mount Sherman
The view of Gemini Peak, the "lump" on the right. It is approximately 0.7 miles from Gemini Peak to Mt Sherman. Gemini Peak, CO
Coming closer. Gemini Peak, Colorado
The Summit of Gemini Peak - Alt. 13,951 Feet

TOP: On the summit, looking toward White Ridge.

SECOND: The view of Mt. Sherman from Gemini Peak.

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    The view of Dyer Mountain (13,855 feet). Dyer Mountain, CO
    I noticed a road to the north. That dirt road leads to Mosquito Pass, and connects Leadville and Alma. Mosquito Pass, CO

    Mount Sherman
    Hiking To Mt. Sherman

    Approaching Mt. Sherman's summit. If you look closely, you can see a teeny tiny person standing at the top. :)

    Snow In August

    White Ridge, CO

    This was my fourth ascent of Mt. Sherman and I didn't take many of the common scenery shots at the top.

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    TOP: I briefly sat next to this patch of snow that refuses to melt during the summer. Ahhh snow!

    SECOND: Looking toward White Ridge from the summit of Mt. Sherman.

  • White Ridge, CO Upon returning to my truck (parked at the gate), here's the view of White Ridge. It was a great to be in the mountains, and I was especially glad White Ridge finally had its day. :)

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