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Photos Of Various Mountains From My Lazy Sunday Morning Drive - November 22, 2009

November 2009 - Originally my plan was to find a small mountain on U.S. Highway 50 in western Fremont County and climb it. I felt like I needed to stand on a summit today.

Well, long story made short, I ended up being lazy. I drove 40 miles from Buena Vista to this area known as Bighorn Sheep Canyon, but there would be no hike. I was too lazy. I didn't feel like getting out my car much and I only snapped photos. If it means anything, I worked out at my local gym later for some exercise. ;)

This photo gallery reminded me how sometimes I should leave Colorado, so I will appreciate it more. When I gaze at Colordo scener, it helps when I consider the point of view of those who live in mountainless areas. Earlier this month, I drove through Kansas and Oklahoma, and with that experience fresh in my mind, I surely had the "eyes of an outsider" as I took these photos!


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Mt. Princeton, CO This first photo was taken while pulled over on Highway 285, south of Nathrop. This photo was included as today's Mt. Princeton photo of the day.
Wellsville, CO

Wellsville, Colorado

Wellsville, Colorado

A few miles east of Salida, I entered Fremont County. I wandered off Highway 50 in Wellsville. I read somewhere that an impressive arch exists. I have little information about its exact location and despite driving on various dirt roads, I couldn't find it.

Eventually I parked on a hill with powerlines north of the highway and Arkansas River. The top photo shows the view to the west that includes Bald Mountain, Mt. Aetna and Mt. Shavano. The valley includes dwellings in Salida.

SECOND PHOTO: The view looking directly into the narrow Bighorn Sheep Canyon.

Howard, CO I drove through Swissvale and continuing west, I pulled over for this photo in Howard, CO. I do not have a good topographical map of this area, and so I do not know much about the mountain out yonder. But it looks worthy of an ascent, doesn't it? :)
Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Coaldale, CO

Two photos of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains on the south side of the highway. Gotta love that line peaks!

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  • Coaldale, CO On the west side of Coaldale, I spotted this prominent hill with pinions on the highway. I thought seriously about hiking to the top, but upon inspection, a barbed-wire fence with "no trespassing" signs surrounded it ...
    Coaldale, Colorado ... I was disappointed, but then I looked out and noticed Mt. Princeton could be seen from this spot. Very nice!

    Considering the uniqueness of seeing Mt. Princeton in Coaldale, this photo will certainly be displayed as tomorrow's Mt. Princeton photo entry. :)

    Inside the canyon as I traveled west toward Cotopaxi.
    Cotopaxi, CO

    Cotopaxi, Colorado

    Cotopaxi, Colorado

    TOP: The peak hovering directly over the Cotopaxi General Store caught my eye. One of these days maybe I'll hike up that thing!

    BOTTOM: A photo from the Cotopaxi Post Office parking lot. The same mountain I raved about directly above is much smaller compared to the two peaks on the right. Maybe I am kidding myself, but if I lived in this town, I suppose I might ascend those points!

    Driving back west, two distinct points in view.
    Salida, CO

    Salida, CO

    I wandered on dirt roads in Howard, CO and eventually crossed the Chaffee County line. Not far is the city of Salida.

    Adjacent are two photos and yes ... the second shot will probably make it as Tuesday's Mt. Princeton photo of the day. I do my best to photograph the mountain on a daily basis, but if I take more than one really good photo on a day, I spread them out! :) on Facebook

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