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West Virginia High Point - Spruce Knob (Elevation 4,683 Feet)

Photos Of Our Visit To Spruce Knob In The West Virginia Appalachian Mountains - August 22, 2008

West Virginia Highest Point

Three state high points in one day! Thanks to the geology of the Appalachian Mountains and the quirky shapes of U.S. states, Bernie and I visited three state high points within 24 hours: Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. While all three high points had attractive characteristics, the views on Spruce Knob were the best.

We arrived at Spruce Knob, elevation 4,683 feet in northeast West Virginia, in the late afternoon. This particular high point features alpine terrain similar to Colorado's Rocky Mountains, including stunted and wind-shaped pine trees and talus fields. We really felt like we were far from civilization and in a mountain wonderland!

Directions: One can drive to the summit of Spruce Knob. South of Seneca Rocks, WV on State Highway 28, there is a major turnoff to the right (west) for Spruce Knob and Spruce Knob Lake. (If you are driving on Highway 28 from the south, the turn will be a left.) Either way, take that road all the way up the mountain. A portion of the road is made of dirt. Passenger vehicles can make it fine, but do be alert for the occasional bump and pothole.

Enjoy my photos and videos below. -Steve

Right Photo: Myself standing on an upper slope near the highest point in West Virginia.

West Virginia High Point Welcome to the top of the Mountain State! :)

It is a short 900 foot walk to the Spruce Knob marker and observation tower.

West Virginia High Point Marker West Virginia High Point The marker (left) and me squatting down and pointing to it (right).
West Virginia High Point There is a three story observation tower that rises above most of the trees. There are grand views of the Appalachian Range from there!
West Virginia Highest Point
West Virginia High Point
West Virginia Highest Point
Three photos of the scenery.
West Virginia High Point Looking down at Bernie.
West Virginia Highest Point Another view of trees and mountains afar.
Spruce Knob, WV
West Virginia High Point
Two photos by Bernie as he stood on the observation tower.

This was my seventh U.S. state high point. Below are my previous ones:

  • Maryland High Point
  • Pennsylvania High Point
  • Connecticut High Point
  • Colorado High Point
  • Florida High Point
  • New Jersey High Point
  • West Virginia High Point
    West Virginia High Point
    We walked a short distance on a trail and came upon a clearing on Spruce Knob's west slope. I had to include myself in the scenery.

    Note how the strong winds shape the branches of those trees. That is something one would commonly see near timberline on Colorado mountains.

    Bernie Doyle Photographer Tree In real life, Bernie is a professional photographer in New Jersey. There he is photographing pink flowers and he sent me the right photo of the tree. on Facebook

    West Virginia Photos - Enroute To Spruce Knob

    10% road grade.

    Tight curves as we went up and over the Eastern Continental Divide.

    10% Road Grade
    West Virginia Highway
    We stopped across the street from the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center. That jagged rock formation and canyon was very eye-catching. Seneca Rocks, WV
    One photo as we climbed the dirt road that led to Spruce Knob. Spruce Knob, WV


    A little crazy at the West Virginia High Point. Pretty views.

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