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Waterdog Lakes Trail - Chaffee County, Colorado

A Hiking Trail Near Monarch Pass, Poncha Springs and Salida

Waterdog Lakes, Colorado For most people, Memorial Day weekend is the de facto beginning of summer... but not in the mountains of Colorado! Look at all the wonderful snow!

Today I hiked the Waterdog Lakes Trail, a relatively short hike that leads to three lakes above timberline near the Continental Divide. This is an excellent hike for those in Salida, Poncha Springs and elsewhere in Chaffee County. But be warned: There is a lot of snow on this trail throughout the winter and spring months!

Directions: The trailhead is on U.S. Highway 50, west of Poncha Springs, Maysville and Garfield. I did not track the mileage, but it is west of the Monarch Ski Lodge and east of the Monarch Mountain skiing area on the right (north) side. Your topographical map will show the general area. Don't have a map? You should be able to buy one here. (It's what I used for this hike.)

On a personal note, twice I considered turning back because of the large amounts of snow. In some spots, the snow was up to two feet deep with post-holing. Not fun at all! Ahhhhhh, but I made it. Enjoy my photos of the Waterdog Lakes. :)

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Colorado Snowfall
Snowfall & The Trail

May 26, 2009 - Thick snowflakes were coming down near the trailhead while I was in my car on U.S. Highway 50.

Waterdog Lakes Trail At first, there was little snow on the trail, but that changed as I continued (right photo).
Snow More snow on the trail.
Snow Snow Two random photos of snow.
Snowy Creek I had to cross two creeks. :)
Steve Garufi A self-portrait of me with the snow.


Almost to the lake!

TOP: Looking up toward where I would walk.

SECOND Looking back. Such a pretty snow scene, isn't it? :)

Approaching one of the Waterdog Lakes. Waterdog Lakes, Colorado
Four photos of this beautiful lake. Slowly but surely, the lake is thawing out. Remember, the date of this hike was May 26, 2009. :)

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  • Waterdog Lake, Colorado

    Snowy Lake

    Waterdog Lake, CO

    Waterdog Lake, CO

    The icy and snowy lake surface. Pretty.

    Waterdog Lake, CO

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