Wasson Peak (Elevation 4,687 Feet) - Tucson, Arizona

An Excellent Hiking Choice in Tucson, Arizona
Wasson Peak stands like a beacon on the west side of Tucson, inviting passersby to admire it and take it on. This is an great hike that's not too easy, but not terribly difficult either. From the Kings Canyon Trailhead, a well-marked 3.3 mile trail (one way) leads through Saguaro National Park to the summit with an approximate 2000 foot elevation gain. Along the way, there are saguaros and all the cacti that make the Tucson desert region so beautiful.

I suggest obtaining a map of the Saguaro National Park West District, which outlines my particular route (Kings Canyon Trail) as well as other routes such as the Hugh Norris Trail and Sweetwater Trail. Happy hiking!

Wasson Peak, Arizona
The view of Wasson Peak from N. Cortaro at N. Silverbell in northwest Tucson.
Wasson Peak Tucson Hike
A common view as one hikes upward on the Kings Canyon Trail. (The false summit is in the distance.)

Photos, videos and write-up by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Kings Canyon Trail in Tucson


January 12, 2015 - The Kings Canyon Trailhead is a short distance north and across the street from the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. The trail begins on a old road with saguaro cactus teeming on the hillsides.
Saguaros in Tucson

Kings Canyon Trail, AZ

Hike to Wasson Peak, AZ

With so many saguaros, I had many reasons to stop, rest and pull out my camera. :)

There are two quality videos at the bottom of the page. Here's an especially short clip ...

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  • Tucson Hike With Saguaros So many saguaros, so little time. :)
    Hike to Wasson Peak, AZ For much of the hike, the false summit is in view.

    Keep going.
    Keep climbing.
    You're gonna make it! :)

    Wasson Peak Hike Higher up on the trail.
    Wasson Peak, AZ And then you'll finally see the real summit.
    Wasson Peak Almost there.
    Wasson Peak in Tucson

    Wasson Peak 4687'

    Yours truly on the summit. I was so happy to be up there! :)
    Wasson Peak Tucson

    Wasson Peak Summit

    Tucson Mountains

    Wasson Peak Hike

    Summit Photos

    TOP: Facing southeast, one could see all of Tucson including downtown.

    SECOND: Facing north, Picacho Peak can be seen in the distance.

    THIRD: Facing south, one can see much of the Tucson Mountain Range, including Golden Gate Mountain and Gates Pass.

    FOURTH: The view looking back to the west. That's trail that I had come from.

    Saguaro Sunset

    Arizona Sunset

    On the way back to the trailhead, I had many opportunities to photograph the sunset with a saguaro in front. Ahhhh! :)

    Arizona Sunset


    Hiking on the Kings Canyon Trail

    On the summit

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