The Versailles Diner - Fairfield, New Jersey

Photos And Video Of Our Breakfast At This Amazing New Jersey Diner

Versailles Diner November 20, 2008 - My visit to New Jersey was coming to an end and with my buddies Bernie and Jon, we had breakfast at the Versailles Diner on Route 46 in Fairfield.

One strong point for New Jersey is their large number of classic diners. If you've lived in New Jersey, you might be acquainted with the New Jersey diner experience: Sitting in a booth with an old jukebox. Ordering taylor ham. Visiting a 24-hour diner at 3 a.m. after a long night out. Encountering a rude waitress who deep down is very loving if you are just willing to hang in there until she warms up to you. ;)

In Colorado, we don't have restaurants like this at all. Sure, we have huge mountains, wide open spaces, snowfall from September through May, cheaper real estate, lower taxes, less traffic, friendlier people, many more outdoor recreational opportunities and so much more ... but forget about finding a 24-hour diner with character. They don't exist!

Below are my photos of our visit. At the bottom is a really bad video showing the great time we had. :)


Versailles Diner, NJ

Versailles Diner

Versailles Diner

The Versailles Diner is located on Route 46 East in Fairfield, NJ.

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  • Versailles Diner Jon and Bernie.
    Sugar Packets Jon Radli Look at all the sugar packets stuffed in this thing!
    Taylor Ham

    Taylor Ham

    I ordered taylor ham with egg and cheese on a bagel.


    Bernie Doyle Bernie holds up a pancake.
    Jon Radli Jon and his food.
    Versailles Diner

    Versailles Diner, NJ

    The two dining sections.
    Versailles Diner New Jersey Versailles Diner I captured a photo of myself with our waitress! :)

    Bernie stands besides a statue.

    Versailles Diner The entrance area.
    Versailles Diner

    Two more photos.
    Special thanks to Jon and Bernie for making this a memorable visit!

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    Four minutes of fun, excitement and eating at the Versailles Diner.

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