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A Dirt Road In Utah

Scenery On The Scenic Drive To Westwater Canyon & Colorado River; Near Colorado / Utah State Line

When In Doubt, Head To Utah Desert Country
According to my map and Google, this eastern Utah road does not have a name, but it's the one that leads to the south shore of the Colorado River and lower mouth of Westwater Canyon. I took DS Road in Glade Park, Colorado all the way west to the Utah / Colorado state line, a 90-degree right, then a quick left, and my photo gallery begins on this dirt road. (Much of this unnamed road can be spotted on the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #208 "Colorado National Monument / McInnis Canyons NCA" topographical map.)

I didn't go all the way to the Colorado River, but I went far enough to capture the beautiful orange rock scenery and vertical cliffs by the roadside. Enjoy the Utah scenery. For all of my pages in Utah, I refer you to my Moab, Utah Directory Page.

Utah Scenic Road
A peaceful road with towering rocks. Ahhhh!

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Utah & Colorado Border


April 6, 2013 - After visiting Miracle Rock and the Potholes of the Little Dolores River, I continued west on DS Road to the Utah / Colorado state line.
Utah Scenic Drive After I passed through the Picture Gallery Ranch, the scenery came alive with red rock cliffs.
Utah Red Rock Scenery Those dark rocks in the foreground -- I think they may be considered hoodoos -- were striking.
Utah Scenery I wonder if that pointed rock has a name. :)
Utah Road

A curve in the road.

A second shot that zoomed-in on two unique rocks.

Utah Desert Scenery

Utah Scenery

Cruising on an empty desert road. I didn't see another car or person.
Utah Scenic Drive So much orange. Oh yes, mountains are overrated. Nothing beats the desert!


Sorry that my brakes were squeaking. I got that fixed soon after. :)

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