Long Distance Bicyclists On Transcontinental Bike Trail

U.S. Highway 50 In Colorado - A Popular Cross-Country Bicycle Route
U.S. Highway 50 Colorado
May 22, 2012 - Today I spotted three long distance bicyclists as I drove from Poncha Springs to Montrose on U.S. Highway 50. This is part of the Transcontinental Bicycle Route that is very popular for those who are riding across the country. With the exception of the eastern plains, nearly all of Colorado has mountains and hills and scenery of some sort. Above is a photo that I snapped as I cruised west toward Gunnison.

Blue Mesa Reservoir
West of Gunnison, U.S. Highway 50 goes for many miles along Blue Mesa Reservoir and crosses the body of water. Above is a driving shot, facing eastward.

The Bicyclists

Long Distance Bicyclist
At first, I passed one guy who was slowly climbing toward Monarch Pass on the east side of the Continental Divide. With his bike loaded with saddlebags in front and back, I considered stopping to encourage him, but it was a tight section of road and didn't.

Then, on the other side of the divide (between Sargents and Gunnison), I saw this second bicyclist who very much looked like a long distance cyclist. This time, I got a picture of him. Go! Go! Go!

Ahhhh! Because I've biked across America twice -- in 2011 and 2008 -- any time I see someone like this on the road I take notice and smile. :)

Bicycle Tour
About two miles behind him, there was another biker in yellow.

Bike Across America Route
After spending the afternoon in Montrose, I returned traveling east on Highway 50. Again, between Gunnison and Sargents, I spotted the first guy who was ascending Monarch Pass! We were in a rural area with no cars and plenty of shoulder, and so I pulled over. We had a nice talk. He explained that he began in Quebec and was en route to San Diego. He said today's headwind was the worst on his entire trip so far, and I believed him, for the wind seemed strong and he had been riding very slow. Still, he was upbeat and said Colorado was so beautiful!

There we were, talking, as he stood in the middle of the highway. It was hilarious! He graciously let me take his photo. Keep riding friend!

Another Guy Biking Across America

A month earlier, on April 14, 2012, I met Brian Y'Barbo in Salida who was biking from San Francisco to New York. After talking for awhile and with me having some free time, I had the honor of following him as a S.A.G. for approximately twenty miles. He didn't need much help, but I captured some video footage of him as he biked from Salida to Cotopaxi.

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