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First Twitter Message In Church Celebrated!

(Photo of Steve's Church Seating View Posted; Some Question Wisdom of Church Twittering - April 26, 2009)

Twittering In Church

BUENA VISTA, CO - Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's obsession with Twitter crossed another dangerous line toward insanity when he gave in to the urge to twitter ... during his church service!

As seen in the adjacent photo, Steve twittered a photo with his cell phone as he sat in the back of the church. The tweet read:

"Church. I have so much to be grateful for."

Kent Naegele, a local friend who is included on many photo galleries and articles on this web site, challenged Steve. "Twittering in church? When I saw it, I didn't think it was right. I figured you weren't paying attention (to the church service), because I've seen you go into your own little world when you're sending something to twitter." (Kent's twitter profile is: @biggerbuffalo.)

Steve refused to comment on whether he was paying attention in church, but assured friends that he turned the ringer, shutter sound and all noises off as he snapped the one megapixel photo with his cell phone.

Twittering in the church building all started two weeks ago when Steve photographed and twittered the coffee and donuts presented at his church's Saturday morning men's ministry meeting. But this week, Steve couldn't resist tweeting during the service.

According to Steve, he twitters via text messaging and often sends photos of Colorado scenery he regularly sees in this beautiful mountainous area.

"It's no big deal to flip open my phone, snap a picture of a mountain and then send it to twitter. People love it!" maintained Steve.

Twitter Replies Yet Steve very well might be getting out of hand on Twitter. He has also tweeted a photo of his so-called "bathroom reading material," pints of ice cream he bought, and his bare feet in open-toed sandals while standing in snow.

All in all, the responses from Steve's Twitter followers has been generally positive as seen in the left photo. Even Kent softened up from his initial reply on Twitter. "Well, I wouldn't do it. But I did celebrate with you at the 7-11." (Steve and Kent drank sodas as they stood in front of the town's 7-11 to celebrate his first church tweet. See photos below.)

Twitter is a rapidly growing social network where participants communicate via short messages of 140 characters or less. Steve joined on February 11, 2009, and has been regularly making a jack ass of himself ever since. He follows over 1,600 people, most of whom mutually follow him back. His twitter profile page is @stevegarufi.

Celebration of First Church Tweet at 7-11 in Buena Vista, Colorado
7-11 Store
Afterwards, Kent and I celebrated by drinking sodas in front of the 7-11.
Big Red Soda
I had a Big Red soda ... so good!