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Steve Honored With "Twitter Queen" Award

(8x11 Sheet of Paper Award Given To Him In The Snowy Mountains - April 3, 2009)

Twitter Queen Twitter Queen

BUENA VISTA, CO - Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was honored as a high achievement participant of when he received an award recognizing him as a "Twitter Queen" among friends and peers.

Kent Naegele, a local friend known as @biggerbuffalo on Twitter, presented the award to Steve in a beautiful mountain area on a snowy morning. Steve shook Kent's hand and held the prize - an 8x11 sheet of paper that read in black ink "I'm a Twitter Queen and I'm so proud!"

"No words to describe how I feel right now. I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude." explained Steve, as he struggled to hold back tears from his eyes.

Kent had encouraging words for Steve: "I don't know anyone who's ever won an award like this. You need to frame that piece of paper so you can show it to your grandchildren someday."

Twitter Tweets The incident all started when a Florida real estate agent (@floridasunsales), an authority of judging Twitter profiles, declared Steve a Twitter queen to her 1,000+ followers. (Left photo) Social media experts assert Steve's declaration about his knees last night may have pushed him over the top to win the award. It read:

@stevegarufi New followers: The secret to my success is my knees. My knees are *SEXY* and I can't deny it! (My legs & ankles are ugly & bony though)

Twitter is a rapidly growing microblogging social network where participants communicate via short messages of 140 characters or less. Steve joined in January 2009 (His profile: @stevegarufi) and he has been making a jack ass of himself daily ever since.

Steve has won many major awards in his lifetime. In 2002, he won a Ms. Junior America trophy at a Colorado Springs Bible study. He also won a weed trimmer (that he refused to use) at a golf tournament raffle in 2006.

But the question remains: What will he do with his Twitter queen award? "I plan to tape this award on the wall behind my computer area. I'll see it all the time that way." said Steve.

Cottonwood Pass Road
All Morning Photos

We drove west on Chaffee County Road 306 and looked for a good spot to do the formal presentation of the award.

Cottonwood Pass Road It snowed throughout the morning. Such pretty snow!
San Isabel National Forest Mountains, green forest and snow at the Avalanche Trailhead entrance.

The three twitter-related photos posted above. :)

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