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(A Photo Gallery Of Tweets I Sent To Twitpic & Twitter - March 2009)

Twitter Page

Friends, I felt compelled to make this page dedicated to Twitter, my twitter page and the photos I've tweeted this month. I know, I know, you're probably tired of hearing about Twitter in the news. And what is with that strange name? Twitter?!

The photo directly across is my twitter page. The address is simply my name after the forward slash: Isn't that a pretty design with the orange and purple sunset at Cottonwood Pass with dark red links? :)

I encourage you to create a Twitter account and follow me! I will follow you back of course. C'mon join ... Please? Pretty Please? Most days I do my best to take at least one semi-entertaining photo with my cell phone that's immediately tweeted on my page. (This can be done by creating an account on once your twitter page is created.)

Below are the first 28 photos I tweeted this month. Surely there will be many more pictures, but I thought I would commemorate the first ones!

All the best,

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Me on the eliptical machine at the gym. My life is sooooooooo exciting!
Clouds over Buena Vista, CO.
Mt. Princeton Final rays of light over Mt. Princeton.

Mt. Yale

Rainbow Lake, CO

Three photos during yesterday's (3/22) bike ride along Chaffee County Road 306 toward Cottonwood Pass.

I know... I'm bragging, but I've cycled to the pass twice:

  • Bike Cottonwod Pass (2006)
  • sunset at Cottonwood Pass (2008)
  • Bongo Billy's Salida My very first photo tweet! :)

    I was sitting on the couch at Bongo Billy's in Salida.

    Messy Computer Area My messy computer area desk.
    Aerobic Step Class Aerobic step class. :)
    Colorado Sky Oooooooh. A pretty sky over the mountains.
    Midland Trail

    Steve Garufi

    Three photos as I climbed Midland Hill with some of my buddies.

    See all photos: Mt. Princeton.

    A muffin, English biscuit and coffee at the Mother's Bistro in Buena Vista.
    The closing gate east of Cottonwood Pass from a recent drive.
    I Don't Care About Your Blog I tweeted this photo for all of my tweeps with blogs. Heh heh. Awwwww ... I love all of my tweeps! :)
    Monarch Pass, CO Monarch Pass on a sunny March morning.
    Blue Mesa Reservoir

    Blue Mesa Reservoir

    Two photos as I drove at Blue Mesa Reservoir.
    Chinese Buffet Restaurant Mmmmmmmmm. :)
    Gunnison, CO The main traffic light in Gunnison, CO.
    Coyote Cantina

    Beef Burrito

    A night at the Coyote Cantina in Johnson Village.
    Baby Baby Me holding Baby Zach! :)
    Mt. Princeton The evening sky over Mt. Princeton.