Tri-State Marker For Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

A Tri-State Marker On The Plains
There is a spot where Sooner Country, the Lone Star State, and the Land of Enchantment meet in a big bang of geographic notoriety. The marker is easy to find on your smartphone mapping system. Between Clayton, New Mexico and Boise City, Oklahoma, turn off Highway 412 on either dirt road. Follow it to the end and walk over a cattle guard. After you visit this marker, be sure to visit the Northwest Texas Corner Marker which is two miles to the west.

Photos by Steve Garufi a.k.a. "Colorado Guy" Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Tristate Marker TX, OK, NM
Yours truly mushed into the southwest corner of the Oklahoma Panhandle. :)

Tristate Marker TX, OK, NM
Facing west, the marker is on the left. This road is named Rinker Road and/or Texas State Line Road. (It depends on your map.)

Tristate Marker TX, OK, NM
It's the wide open and peaceful plains out there.

A close-up of the marker.


A peaceful spot on the plains.

A "not too shabby" video, and it's a crazy one! :o)

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