Tristate Marker For Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma

Where Three States Meet ...
Have you ever dreamed of being in three states at once? At this marker, you can do just that. Imaging putting your left foot in Oklahoma, your right foot in New Mexico, and having your butt in Colorado. It's an amazing experience!

Directions: From Kenton, Oklahoma, follow signs to the Black Mesa Nature Preserve. You'll pass the trailhead for Black Mesa (the Oklahoma High Point) and continue on dirt roads to the monument. You'll see all of this on your smartphone mapping system, but be advised that cell service may be sketchy out there.

Tripoint Marker NM, OK, CO
My photo as I faced south, with me in Colorado.

Photos and write-up by Steve a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Contact: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Having So Much Fun In Three States
Showing The Scenery

Kenton, Oklahoma Traveling on Highway 325 westbound, you'll see a sign for Colorado.
Black Mesa Preserve, OK Definitely turn for the Black Mesa Nature Preserve and the Black Mesa Summit.
Tristate Marker CO NM OK Me at the marker.

This area is teeming with interesting places:
  • Oklahoma High Point (Black Mesa)
  • NW Texas Corner
  • TX / OK / NM Tristate Marker
  • CO / KS / OK Tristate Marker
  • New Mexico Scenery This was the prettiest view. Facing west, everything to the left of the fence is in New Mexico; everything to the right is in Colorado.

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