Simpson's Rest Overlook - Trinidad, Colorado

An Overlook in Trinidad, Colorado
If you've spent any time in Trinidad, you've probably noticed the rocky bluff with the town sign. It's reminiscent of the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in California, isn't it? :) Well, a dirt road provides access for cars, cyclists, and hikers to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the overlook. If you happen to be making the long drive from Denver to Albuquerque, why not stop halfway in Trinidad? Simpson's Rest is right off Interstate 25.

Directions: From I-25, get off on exit 15 and travel west on Goddard Avenue to its end. Turn right on Nevada Avenue and then make your first left on North Avenue (County Road 69.2). A dirt road leads all the way to the top. The road has some modest washboard sections, but an ordinary passenger car will make it just fine. NOTE: The road is gated and is only open during daylight hours.

Trinidad, CO
The view of Simpson's Rest from Nevada Avenue in Trinidad.

Trinidad, CO
The views at the top are glorious!

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Trinidad, CO


March 13, 2016 - I saw that "Trinidad" sign and knew I had to bike up there. Yes, I said BIKE. :)
Simpsons Rest Road Interesting rock structures along the road.
Simpsons Rest in Trinidad, CO

Trinidad, Colorado

Simpson's Rest

There it is... the Trinidad sign.

A few weeks earlier, I made a video at the Raton Overlook.

Trinidad, Colorado Simpsons Rest


I was so pleased to have ridden up there!
Trinidad, Colorado Wow! Look at that view! :)

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck in scenery, visit Simpson's Rest.


Showing you around Simpson's Rest.

Not Too Shabby

The Trinidad sign made it in my "not too shabby" video series. :)

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