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TINCUP PASS! (Pictures Of Our 4-Wheel Jeep Adventure To Tincup Pass, Colorado) - August 8, 2006
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Tincup Pass Road
My friend Chris Dejong drove his Jeep to Tincup Pass and brought me along for the ride. My photo gallery begins with the beginning of the rocky and bumpy road (adjacent photo) at St. Elmo.
Tincup Pass Road
Tincup Pass Road
I got a shot of this group of Jeeps coming down near the beginning of our voyage.

No matter how many times I tried to capture how bumpy of a road this is, my pictures don't quite show it. It is safe to say you need a 4-wheel drive to make it to Tincup Pass! ;)

Chris DeJong A shot of Chris driving. His Jeep is relatively new and had a blast taking on a real 4-wheel drive road.
Mt. Princeton
Two photos of the Colorado mountain scenery. For the second photo, I turned back and got a photo of Mt. Princeton peaking its head.
Aspens Many of the photos taken were during the extremely bumpy ride. I did my best to hold the camera still, but many came out shaky. This photo of roadside aspens, however, came out pretty cool! ;)
Bumpy Road
This one particular spot was extremely rocky! Chris actually stopped to assess his best strategy and I snapped a photo of the rocky road directly below and beside my passenger view.
Tincup Pass Above timberline.
Tincup Pass Road
Tincup Pass Road
Two scenic photos of the Rocky Mountains as we approach the pass!
Tincup Pass
Tincup Pass
Tincup Pass
Tincup Pass, CO
There it is ...
Tincup Pass! Chris was so happy to arrive at the summit that we had sort of a sappy photo-op with photos of his Jeep and himself proudly by the Tincup Pass sign! ;)

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  • This furry little guy was happily doing its thing without much fear of us! :p)
    Tincup Pass
    Tincup Pass
    Tincup Pass
    At the summit, the weather was becoming increasingly overcast. Here are three photos looking west towards the Gunnison County side of the pass.
    Tincup Pass Chris checks something on his Jeep. What a great picture!
    Gray Jeep A close-up of Chris' Jeep.

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  • Tincup Pass One token picture of myself. I was so grateful to be part of this adventure. Special thanks to Chris for courageously driving his vehicle up there!

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