Tincup, Colorado

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Tincup, Colorado
June 16, 2006 - On a summer morning, I visited the small town of Tincup in eastern Gunnison County. Located on the west side of the Continental Divide, it is an isolated place. From Buena Vista, the common route is to travel over Cottonwood Pass to Taylor Park Reservoir, and then travel on a dirt road to the southeast to reach the historic town.
Tincup, CO
Tincup, CO
Tincup was once a historic mining town that has kept much of its charm, much like St. Elmo on the other side of Tincup Pass. Some people call this a "ghost town", but there is a thriving summer community who live here with a few who stay all year long.
Tincup, Colorado The historic building that is the meeting place for Tincup's town government and other community events.
Tincup, Colorado
Tincup, Colorado
Tincup, Colorado
Tincup, Colorado
Photos of restored and preserved historic buildings in Tincup. Nice town!

In the bottom photo, I was facing south outside of town. That dirt road leads to Cumberland Pass three miles ahead.

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  • Mayor Miller

    I spotted the mayor's mailbox and home. Mayor Miller! So cool.

    If you walk around areas that had mining camps, you may come across old and rusted tin containers such as these. The top right photo is an ore car, and the others appear to be various containers. According to what I have read, litter was buried in the ground but over the years the rain brings the tin litter to the surface.
    Tincup, Colorado Depending on when you go, this cafe is sometimes open. Also, there is a general store across the street.
    Tincup Pass Sign Only three miles to Mirro Lake. Friends and I did the drive from St. Elmo to Tincup two years ago: 4WD Trail to Tincup.

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