Indian Petroglyphs In Thompson Springs, Utah

Ancient Rock Art In Sego Canyon By The Fremont Tribe, Ute Tribe and Other Native American Groups

So Much To See In Southeast Utah
I was on my way to Green River and the San Rafael Swell, when I made a detour to see the petroglyphs and pictographs near Thompson Springs. From Interstate 70, take the Thompson Springs exit, travel through town and head north into the Book Cliffs. That road (with signs) leads about three miles into Sego Canyon, the site of the ancient rock art.

If you like Native American historical sites, you can also visit Black Dragon Canyon and Buckhorn Wash, both in the San Rafael Swell.

People (of some sort) drawn in shades of red on a rock wall.

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Thompson Springs, Utah

Photos On The Way

August 17, 2013 - Getting off at Thompson Springs, Utah. There is a Shell station, the only service at the exit.
Book Cliffs in Utah

Thompson Springs, Utah

This one structure that's part of the Book Cliffs kept catching my eye. :)

It doesn't look much different than Mount Garfield, doesn't it?

Sego Canyon Indian Art Sego Canyon Indian Writings, three miles.
Sego Canyon, Utah Driving in the canyon.
At the site. There is a guestbook, information and a portable toilet.

Sego Canyon Indian Pictographs and Petroglyphs

Very pretty.
Indian Rock Art
Carvings in the rock.
The drawings on the right look like aliens. :)
Indian Petroglyphs
There are four distinct art panels within walking distance.


Doing my best to show you around.

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