Early Morning Text Messages Annoy West Coast Friends

Steve Forgets Time Zone Difference; Sends "Insanely Early" Text Messages To West Coast Friends

Text Message Person Texting Heeeelllllllooooo! Talk about inappropriate! Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi, currently on a visit to the East Coast, has continually forgotten about time zone differences and has sent early text messages to friends living in California and elsewhere on the West Coast.

This morning was a perfect example. Steve was exercising on an eliptical machine at a gym at 6:30 a.m. when he sent a text message to break up the monotony. His first text message was sent at 6:43 a.m. EST, which equates to 3:43 a.m. in California. That is insanely early!

"You woke me up!" wrote one recipient, who added an angry emoticon in her text message. (Left photo below)

Charles Smith sent in a second reply: "I was up early but not that EARLY! Good thing my phone was in the kitchen and not on my nightstand."

Top Right Photos: Steve in-action texting with his cell phone and the actual text message that caused so much trouble for him.

Steve tried to explain his motives and how the controversy came about.

You Woke Me Up "I usually resort to texting when I'm bored at the gym. I get chatty and it helps time go by. I always get it mixed up that I can call west coast people later than usual but it's the other way around in the morning." said Steve.

"Steve, Steve, Steve, I already told you," explanied Shana in San Diego, who received the early text message, "It is a three hour difference! I am glad you are getting up early to workout though. That's impressive!"

The largest question remains: Will Steve do this again? Will he send inappropriate early text messages to friends? Steve seemed to dodge the question.

"My big beef is: How about turning your ringer off at night? What is the problem? I'm sorry, there's something wrong there."

Steve has become prolific in his text messaging habits in the past year. He frequently texts any time he is bored and/or procrastinating on life responsibilities. He also sends text messages during special moments such as when he is standing on a lofty Colorado peak or a state or county high point.

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