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A Not-So Well Known Scenic Drive And Nature Getaway With Campgrounds And Trails In Canon City - April 16, 2011

Introduction to Temple Canyon Park, Colorado
Temple Canyon Park, maintained by the city of Canon City, doesn't get as much respect or admiration as other places in the area. Do a web search for this park and note the lack of recreational and outdoor reports from folks. No doubt some of this has to do with it being in proximity to the Royal Gorge, the grand daddy attraction of Fremont County.

But I like underdogs and so today I drove through the park on Temple Canyon Road from Canon City to Parkdale. This park is a good place to get away from the crowds, especially during the summer months. I noticed a few trails off the main road, and two campgrounds are located on hills with beautiful mountain views. If you're the type who likes exploring "off the beaten path" places in Canon City, Temple Canyon Park is a good option. This appears to be a solid choice for those who like solitude, but don't want to drive far from Canon City.

Directions: From U.S. Highway 50 on the west side of Canon City, turn south on 1st Avenue. Then follow the signs to Temple Canyon Park. (You'll make a right as you leave town.) If you take the road through the park to its end, you'll end up near the west entrance of the Royal Gorge and Highway 50 in Parkdale.

Photo Gallery
Temple Canyon Park, CO
The most picturesque mountain view from one of the campground areas in Temple Canyon Park.

Temple Canyon Road Starting my drive on Temple Canyon Road.
Pikes Peak, CO At one switchback, I zoomed-in on the view of Pikes Peak way out there. :)
Temple Canyon Road, CO Continuing on.
Rough Road The road had a couple of rough spots, but I made it fine in my 2WD passenger car.
Temple Canyon Road, CO Temple Canyon Road twists and turns.
Colorado Mountains Nice mountain views.
Trail Near the park entrance was this trail. #6181
Temple Canyon Park, Colorado
Temple Canyon Park

Oddly, the entrance sign for Temple Canyon Park is old and worn. A bush obstructs it, making it difficult for drivers to see. Honestly, this park is intriguing to me. It surely has value as a "nature getaway" in the mountains. What a peaceful place to get away for awhile. Yet after looking at the signs (entrance and exit), it looks like the city of Canon City doesn't care much about the place.

Temple Canyon Park, CO I turned on a spur road that had camp sites. From a clearing in trees, I had this grand mountain view.
Temple Canyon Park Plenty of peaks and hills comprise the park.
Temple Canyon Park, CO More mountains on the other side of the canyon.
Park Regulations The regulations of the mountain park.

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  • Temple Canyon Road, CO Eventually I exited the park and drove to Parkdale, but at one point, I stopped, turned back and photographed where I had come from. Nice views, it seems, no matter where you are in Colorado. :) on Facebook

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