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Teller County High Point - Point 13,070' at Devil's Playground

Short Hike from the Pikes Peak Highway with Spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountain Scenery

Above everyone in Woodland Park, Divide, Cripple Creek, Victor and Florissant ... :)
The Teller County high point is an unnamed point above timberline in the Devil's Playground region of Pikes Peak. With an approximate elevation of 13,070 feet, it can be easily accessed via the Pikes Peak Highway, or for the more ambitious, hikers can reach it via the Pikes Peak trail route from the Crags.

Directions: When traveling up the Pikes Peak Highway, past mile marker 16 and the last sharp switchback is the Devil's Playground. On the right is a large dirt parking lot with portable toilets. From there, Point 13,070' is a short 0.1 or 0.2 mile hike.

Teller County, CO High Point
Photo Above: The view of Pikes Peak and the Pikes Peak Highway from the Teller County High Point.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Pikes Peak Highway August 3, 2012 - My adventure began on the Pikes Peak Highway.
Devils Playground Colorado A sign for the Devil's Playground. It's a pretty area to stop, play above timberline, watch the sunset, search for wildlife, etc.
Teller County High Point The view of Point 13,070' from across the road. Park in the lot and walk up the hill.
Teller County, CO High Point At the high point of Teller County, Colorado!

There is a small marker on the right rock, but clearly the rock on the left is the highest point.

Pikes Peak Colorado The view toward Pikes Peak. Driving on the Pikes Peak Highway will reward you with two county high points, as the Pikes Peak summit is the El Paso County High Point.

Pikes Peak Colorado Highway Beautiful mountain views!

It's neat to see the road snaking its way up the mountain.

Trail to Pikes Peak Facing west, the trail from the Crags comes over the hill. Most hikers probably pass this hill on their way to Pikes Peak without giving a second thought to it.
Teller County Colorado High Point Facing the West Fork West Beaver Creek gulch. More breathtaking scenery in this direction.

I'm not sure if Sentinel Point is included in this photo. Sometimes that peak is noted as the county high point, and while it has prominence, its elevation is only 12,527 feet.

Teller County High Point The view toward Woodland Park and the Catamount reservoirs.
Steve After a tour of the Lousiana, Mississippi and Missouri high points two years ago, I've been lax with high pointing. It was good to do this one! :)


Showing all the scenery.

My reflections on the high point. :)

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