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Table Rock (3,666 Feet) - A Hike in Boise, Idaho

An Easy and Scenic Hike in Boise - Great For Visitors
If you're visiting Boise and enjoy hiking, the trail to Table Rock is a great one to take on. The hike is moderate and roughly one mile (one way), and it leads to a hill that provides wonderful views of the Boise metropolitan area. Table Rock is a popular hike for locals, as it's a good place to walk the dog, exercise after work, or ride a mountain bike throughout the trails system.

Directions: Use Google maps or your smart phone. The trailhead is at the end of E. Old Penitentary Road in Boise. There is a large lot near the Old Idaho State Penitentary Museum. (The Boise Botanical Garden is also nearby.) Take Trail #15 (or #15A to start) all the way to the summit.

Table Rock, Idaho
The view of Table Rock after we had come down from our morning hike.

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Table Rock, Idaho


October 4, 2013 - We were hiking early with the sun rising from the east.

Old Idaho State Penitentary The trail starts near the Old Idaho State Penitentary.
Table Rock Trail Part of the trail is an old dirt road. The view gets better the higher up you go. There's downtown Boise on the right.
Table Rock Cross

On The Summit

A large white cross at the top.

And look at that beautiful blue sky!

Table Rock, Idaho

Table Rock in Boise Idaho

Beautiful views of the city from the summit.

The third photo with Jennifer and I is probably the best for seeing parts of Boise. If you're acquainted with the city, you can see pretty much everything -- the downtown area, hospitals, the football stadium for Boise State, Interstate 84, you name it.

You can also see the Owyhee Mountains way out there on the horizon.

Downtown Boise A zoom-in image of downtown Boise.

Idaho Scenery

TOP: To the north, homes in the hills.

SECOND: We walked to the other side of the summit and had this pretty view. Table Rock is part of the southwestern edge of the Boise Mountains. One can only dream about all the mountaineering opportunities in this range. I like this image. Nothing beats desert scenery.


Four minutes of me showing you around. :)

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