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Sunset Scenery

Photo Gallery: Pictures of Sunsets and Their Colorful Skies In Colorado - May and June 2010

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Sunset Scenery
Colorado Sunset - June 15, 2010

Monday evening was a special night in central Colorado. I first walked outside and noticed a rainbow that was quickly fading. Later, friends told me it was a full rainbow in our town of Buena Vista, Colorado.

Well, as you can see in the six photos directly to the left, the sunset's colors over the mountains were amazing as well. I captured one shot with myself as I stood on a quiet country dirt road. The various shades of pink and violet above me were stunning!

Mt. Princeton The sunset's colors over Mt. Princeton (alt. 14,197 feet).
Rocky Mountain Sunset The sunset scenery kept coming and coming!
Sunset The thickness of the clouds, coupled with the sky's color, made this a great one. :)
Sunset Scenery


Two more photos of the sky above Mt. Columbia (alt. 14,073 feet) one of many peaks in the mountains west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

More Sunsets
The three sunsets below were taken during various evenings in May and June 2010. Colorado Sunset
The sky was ablaze with color - the view from my backyard.

Beautiful shades of pink and blue.
Sunset Scenery
Chaffee County Road 321. Originally, I didn't like the powerlines in the photo, but I think they provide some definition and perspective to the scenery.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook: ColoradoGuy.com Fan Page - Twitter: @SteveGarufi