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Crew Neck Yankees Shirt Worn Four Days In A Row!

Steve Ridiculed In Public Sphere; Friends Questions Personal Hygiene Habits - September 23, 2006

BUENA VISTA, CO -- Steve wore the same shirt four days in a row? Oh my!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi reportedly wore his brand new crew neck New York Yankees shirt for four consecutive days when friends noticed his continual wearing of the dark blue shirt on his web cam and other photos from September 15-18.

The attractive blue Yankees shirt was generously given to him as a gift from a friend in Arkansas, and while the reasons are still unknown as to why Steve wore the shirt so frequently, the criticism and mockery came sharply from his web site followers. The possible corelation between Steve always wearing a stinky shirt and his lack of a dating life was discussed many times.

"Did you at least wash the shirt? Oh this sounds so gross!" exclaimed Yolanda in Denver, Colorado.

Lisa "Instead of wasting all that money on eHarmony, how about just spending a few dollars each month on laundry detergent?" contended Lisa, who also made fun of Steve's so-called 'George Costanza wallet,' "That might do you better with the ladies."

As seen in the photos shown on this page, Steve wore the Yankees shirt of September 15 (his birthday) near Cottonwood Pass and on the following three days on his web cam. As pressure intensified, Steve addressed the issue but not without a very defensive posture that with had some admissions. He completely dodged the question about whether he washed it during the four days.

"It's not like I wore the shirt every moment of the four days. I change shirts a lot." explained Steve (right photo), "And sometimes I have a t-shirt under a long sleeve shirt."

"Yeah, but how do you know that you didn't smell?" asked Yolanda in the chat room, "Did you at least do the sniff test on the second, third or fourth day?"

Dave in Rochester, New York gave a baseball analogy to share his view: "It sounds like you're using that shirt up like the way Joe Torre overuses his relief pitchers." said Dave, "Lay off the Yankees shirt for awhile."

This is not the first time Steve has been challenged with disturbing behaviors related to streaks. Last winter, he drank a Super Big Gulp for 33 days in a row and ate spaghetti for six consecutive days in 2004. Also quite troubling, Steve consumed yogurt and "bad toast" for dinner one summer evening for allegedly seeking attention from his friends.

One week later, the 'ribbings' continued to trickle in about the four day Yankees shirt incident.

"Steve, you live in a small town of 2,500 people and wear smelly shirts over and over again. Ding dong! Do you think this is why you're single?" exclaimed Terry in Colorado Springs.

"I just want to know. Was the shirt smelly or not? Answer the question!" added Terry.

Steve refused to say "yes" or "no" to that question.

A fan of the New York Yankees since he was a teenanger, Steve is expected to wear his Yankees shirt more often in the near future, for the Yankees will participate in the baseball playoffs beginning in early October.

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