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The Ugliest White Elephant Gift In Human History!

Steve Wins Gaudy Flower Figurine With Butterflies On Coils At Christmas Party - December 2007

Flower Figurine Flower Figurine PARK COUNTY, COLORADO -- This could very well be the ugliest white elephant gift received in human history!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi won a hand-sized figurine with a flower design and two butterflies during a white elephant gift exchange at a local Christmas party. The flowers have a garish color design and the butterflies are attached by thin metal coils. (Right photos)

"Good heavens, it looks like something I could have won on Bowling For Garbage!" reflected Steve.

Hosted by Allen and Chalena, Steve's high altitude redneck friends in Park County, the holiday party was attended by Steve's weekly church small group. Everyone seemed to enjoy the intensity and sudden turn of events of the white elephant gift exchange.

"I got a printer, faxer, scanner (in one machine) that I don't even know how to use." stated Andy, who absolutely did not want to win the figurine, "At least I didn't get that ugly thing (the flower figurine), because people might question my manliness."

According to Steve, he originally obtained a pair of gloves shaded in "vomit orange" with gray stripes, but exchanged it for a dinky plastic windchime. Near the end of the exchange, he foolishly traded it for the ugly figurine.

White Elephant Gift Exchange "I don't know what got into me." explained Steve, "but when it was my turn and I looked over the prizes, something compulsive inside me grabbed the flower thing."

The flower figurine is currenlty sitting on Steve's computer desk that will be seen by all once his living room web cam is working again.

"That item belongs far in a closet and out of sight ... or better yet, the garbage would be a good place." suggested Jonathan M.

Left photo: Everyone at the party holds up their white elephant gifts.

This particular small group has been publicized on this web site before. Last summer, Steve astonished attendees when he pulled up his shorts to show distinct farmer's tan lines on his ankles, legs and arms. A few people seemed grossed out and uncomfortable with the showing.

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