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White Christmas Celebrated With Open Toed Sandals

(Christmas Party Guests Impressed With Steve's Dedication To The Christmas Spirit - December 25, 2007)

White Christmas BUENA VISTA, CO -- Talk about celebrating a white Christmas the right way!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was a role model and source of inspiration to many when he took the Christmas spirit one step further by wearing open toed sandals during today's snowy white Christmas. Snowfall came down much of the day and the daytime temperature ranged from 10 to 15 degrees.

Along with wearing open toed sandals that gave him a true "feel" for the snow (right), Steve also wore his recently acquired Dunkin' Donuts t-shirt and posed on the front porch while holding a cup of egg nog and a Santa Claus ornament.

"I've been on a roll with celebrating Christmas." contended Steve, "I didn't want to be like hypocritical people who say they want a white Christmas but then guard themselves with boots and other clothing that prevent them from actually enjoying the snow."

"When I saw you walk in the house wearing sandals caked with snow, I knew this Christmas was going to be a special day." stated Kent, a host of the party.

Not all were impressed with Steve's white Christmas celebration.

"Would someone out there please turn Steve's brain on!" exclaimed Shirley, a long-time friend in western Iowa, "You could have gotten frost bite out there!"

Christmas Goodies "It looks like you had fun, but considering you shamefully fired Josh just two days before Christmas, you shouldn't have been wearing a smile." wryly wrote Julie M. in an e-mail.

According to Steve, his feet and toes did not obtain frost bite, but he admitted his feet were "alarmingly freezing cold" after walking through six inches of fresh snow at his home this evening.

Fun was had by all at the local Christmas gathering, and Steve really appreciated the wonderful spread of Christmas goodies. (Left photo) As if wearing of sandals was not enough, his Dunkin' Donuts t-shirt was also the "talk of the party." He and his friends played Phase 10 after dinner.

"Buena Vista usually has white Christmases most years and it's true we often have white Halloweens, white Thanksgivings, white Hanukahs, white New Year's, white Valentine's days and white Easters too, but this is still a special one ... and it's all because of my sandals!" reflected Steve.

Photo below: Steve and his friends play Phase 10 after eating Christmas dinner.

Playing Phase 10

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