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"Weed Whacker" Won At Local Golf Tournament & Fundraiser!

Prize Deemed "Useless" Because Of Steve's Refusal To Do Yard Work - August 28, 2006

Weed Trimmer SALIDA, COLORADO -- Who says Steve is a total loser?! Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was the winner of a Black & Decker Trimmer and Edger - the largest prize offered - at a local golf tournament and fundraising event at the Salida Pubilc Golf Course last week.

Kent Naegele, Vice President of the Chaffee County Home Builders Assocation and organizer of the event to raise scholarships for Colorado Mountain College students, had the honor of giving Steve the prize on the first hole.

"I can't do anything about the inside of your home, but maybe this prize will help with the outside of your home." stated Kent, a custom home builder and owner of HP Colorado Homes. who organized the event to raise college scholarships for Colorado Mountain College students.

"I just feel so honored to win this even though I don't know what I'm going to do with it." said Steve, who wore his mountain hiking boots because he does not own golf kleets. (Steve won the weed trimmer in a raffle, not whatsoever because of his golf play.)

Weed Trimmer The topic of what Steve should do with the "weed eater" dominated the dialogue on Steve's web site, for Steve has stated he refuses to do any kind of yard work because of religious convictions, environmental reasons and his overall mountain lifestyle.

"What? Are you not going to use it?" wrote "Nerdo" on the Friendship Board, "They are so useful! How can a home with a garden not have one? My parents have one ... Weed cutters are great!"

"Let's see, you don't do dishes, you don't take out the garbage and you don't take care of lawns. Tell me, Steve, what do you do besides eat, sleep and go on your web site?" asked Marion R. in Colorado Springs.

SteveSteve refrained from elaborating about the so-called "religious convictions," "environmental reasons," and "overall mountain lifestyle" he alluded to, and seemed quite defensive and adamant about his "no yard work" policy.

"I'm not going to let this get out of hand. I do not do yard work, period." explained Steve (right photo), "I don't water plants and I don't trim plants, and I let nature do the job as Mother Nature sees fit."

At this time, the weed trimmer sits beside the refrigerator in Steve's kitchen, and he is unsure what he will do with it in the future.

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