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Receipt-Packed Wallet Photographed; Lots of Junk Inside, But Little Cash

George Costanza Wallet BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- The condition of his old and tattered wallet that is jam-packed with receipts.

Filled with useless receipts and business cards of people he will likely never contact, Steve rarely carries cash in his "George Costanza wallet."

Lisa According to Steve, he lugs his wallet with him in his front pants and shorts pocket, which doesn't cause any physical discomfort to him.

"Things just sort of gravitate to my wallet and before I know it, it's way too big and fat." explained Steve, who became defensive when he learned of the criticisms of him.

"That's self-abuse," stated Kansas Kelly.

"Seriously, take some of that crap out of there, man! Do you need all that on your physical body ALL the time?!?" wrote Kansas Kelly.

A closer look of his wallet (bottom photo) showed the three card-holding sections have meshed with the cash carrying area, creating quite a mess. A starfish sticker, his driving license and a Kroger's long distance phone card could be identified.

Steve contends he has no plan to buy a new wallet, but admitted he may go through it and remove many of the useless receipts.

"It has definitely gotten bad. If I dropped this in public, it could be a really bad scene."

Old Wallet

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