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Steve Becomes 2-Week Squatter Of San Diego Apartment

(Single Mom and Child Bear Brunt Of Steve's Messiness And Quirks; "Will He Ever Leave?" - January 31, 2007)

Steve in San Diego Shana and Joanna SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- What was once a nice novelty of having the quirky and hilarious webmaster of this web site as a guest has turned into a nightmare!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi has allegedly "stayed too long" as a house guest at the home of Shana B. in San Diego, who has been giving subtle hints that it's time for Steve to leave.

In a scathing report on the Friendship Board, the San Diego single mother of one yesterday wrote:

"Steve left his oatmeal dish from yesterday morning out ALL DAY LONG! I was asleep with the flu on the couch until 2:00 p.m. By the time I noticed it, it was toooooooo late. It has required severe amounts of soaking because the oatmeal and banana leftovers are caked on the bowl.

He now refers to MY keys as 'his keys.' And quite comfortably, I might add. He says 'where are my keys' referring to MY MY MY MY MY housekeys!!!!?"

He took toilet paper out of the cupboard but DID NOT PUT IT ON THE ROLLER. AND he left the paper that it came in wadded up on the bathroom counter."

Steve has very much enjoyed his visit to San Diego, which is part of his month-long trip to southern Arizona to get away from "freezing cold Colorado" for awhile. Things, however, went sour shortly after Shana and Steve visited the San Diego Zoo.

"I can't even concentrate working on my laptop because of Steve's messes and his quirkiness around the house." stated Shana.

"The truth of the matter is (the conflict) all started when I rightly confronted Shana about her driving." explained Steve, "If she tailed people and drove the way she does with California plates while in Chaffee County, I would seriously be worried about her safety."

The Final Straw: The Messy Guest Bedroom

Messy Bedroom The bedroom ... oh my, the bedroom!

As if it was bad enough Steve cluttered the living room as his personal work space with his crap and books sprawled all over the place, the messiness of the guest bedroom (adjacent photo) was apparently the final straw for his host.

"I have never been scared of messes in my house until Steve moved in." exclaimed Shana.

"What a slob!!! LOL! Does Shana's daughter like to help out with chores? Maybe Steve could pay her to do his laundry and help straighten up the room." wrote Lisa in Oklahoma.

Some however, fully backed Steve and justified his behavior as a squatter in Shana's home.

"That's just being a guy Shana!" wrote Florida Pete, "Those are excellent qualities, embrace them! Soon you will know why we leave the toilet seat up too, so it stays clean just for you girls! No need to thank us, we're just understanding like that."

"The guest room looks pretty good to me. Has a nice 'lived in' college-dorm aesthetic to it." said Dave Ortiz in Farmington, New Mexico.

To make Steve's stay evening more controversial, Steve has continued to yell at the dog, telling him to stop licking himself. claiming it is disgusting. He has also ridiculed the staffordshire terrier (named "Charles") of being dumb, where he says in a rhyming voice, "Your IQ is twenty-two!"

Even though Shana and her daughter are presently considering Steve as a squatter who has refused to leave their home, Lisa in Victor, Colorado, summarized things well.

"Awwww, come on Shana admit it: You're going to miss him when he's gone." wrote Lisa.

For what it's worth, Steve shared his intention to leave their home on Thursday morning, where he plans to spend one last weekend in Tucson before returning to Colorado.

"I'm happy about it, but I'll believe it when I see it." stated Shana, "I'm not sure the guest bedroom will ever be the same again."

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