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Three Pants Of Steve's Have Growing Rips In "Butt Area"

(Nobody Seems To Notice Except When Steve Points It Out - November 11, 2007)

Ripped Pants Steve and Myranda BUENA VISTA, CO -- Three pairs of pants in Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's wardrobe have recently obtained rips in the "butt area," causing a lot of personal embarrassment for him as photos have been revealed on this website.

According to Steve, he has continued to wear the pants with hardly anyone noticing, but the rips are becoming larger.

"I didn't notice it until you pointed it out." said Myranda (right photo), a friend at a local cafe, "Though I'll admit I don't notice people's butts that much."

As news spread about the numerous rips in his pants, all three coincidentally, in the left "butt cheek," a flurry of feedback was given to Steve.

"Are you trying to look like a teenager? Is that it?" asked Kelly, a regular forum visitor in Georgia, "You know, they are trying to pass ordinances here where you can be fined if your underwear is showing."

Andrea K., a friend who will be hosting Steve all day while he visits Nebraska on Monday, seemed unphased by the possibility of seeing the rips in Steve's pants. "Ripped pants like that would increase my anxiety level quite a bit," she admitted.

Ripped Pants Although Steve's two pairs of blue jeans, purchased at a retail store, ripped without explanation, his khaki-shaded North Face hiking pants (left photo) obtained its rips and holes from sliding down a rocky gully with loose scree near Mt. Sneffels in August.

"I still wear them because I paid a lot for them and they still work just fine," contended Steve.

Sharon in Colorado Springs, known for her directness with Steve, wrote in an e-mail: "Just stop the odd behavior and buy new pants!"

Tonje in Norway had more encouraging feedback for Steve. "People in my country pay a lot of money to get their jeans pre-ripped." she said, "I think it's really funny when they have their pants below their butts. Those people are worse!"

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