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Eleven Red Vines And Apple-Flavored Soda Eaten For Breakfast

Steve Denies Becoming Sick; Friends Amazed By Sugary Budget Meal

Steve Eating Red Vines Red Vines BUENA VISTA, COLO. -- Just when you thought Steve had reached his ceiling of being a constant source of wonderment, he does it again!

This morning, Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi reportedly ate eleven red vines and a cup on Manzanita Sol Apple Soda for breakfast. He did not become sick, unlike the coffee creamer incident last year, and he even worked out at a gym for 45 minutes in the afternoon.

When the news became known in the discussion forums of this web site, many offered their diverse reactions.

"I think Red Vines make a fine breakfast. They're nutritional too because they are fat free!" wrote Lisa Wilson in Telluride.

A regular visitor known as "Kansas Kelly" had a different perspective: "It makes me physically ill to even think about it. Red Vines and soda sounds like a horrible combination. I'm getting that pre-vomit watering in my mouth right now that feels like I could gag."

Red Vines According to Steve, he bought the package of Red Vines at the one supermarket in his small, one traffic light town.

"As far as I'm concerned, Red Vines equals happiness," stated Steve.

The plastic fork seen next to the paper plate of red vines was not actually used to eat the red candy; Steve left it there on the counter after eating from a previous meal.

"That's a budget bachelor's breakfast. I ate Spahgetti O's when I was single." wrote Pete Harrison, who wanted to encourage Steve.

Steve is well-known for having questionable meals in his lifetime. On previous occasions Steve has eaten two root beer floats for breakfast, fish sticks and blueberry waffles for lunch and corn nibblets and canned pears for dinner. He also once jammed an entire box of Jujyfruits in his mouth in 102 seconds to celebrate his move to Buena Vista in 2005.

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