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Hair Consultant Pete Mocked As "Pretender!"

(Steve's Long Hair Growing Well, But Pete's Approval Rating Only at 39% - August 26, 2007)

Steve's Hair Hair Consultant Pete Hair Consultant Pete's approval rating was recently measured at just 39% - quite a low percentage - and critics mocked him as a "pretender" for his so-called leadership in helping Steve grow his long, naturally curly hair.

"Pete is a total pretender and a joke. What has he actually done to help Steve? Nothing!" said one visitor of this web site who requested anonymity, "Pete is so aloof as a leader. He looks like a stuffy, short-haired, uptight Republican who cares more about his image. I don't even think he cares one iota about Steve's hair."

It is true Pete has not done too much. Although the adjacent photo shows Pete speaking on a phone, the fact remains that he has never, to this day, called Steve on the phone to discuss long hair matters. Critics paid for a banner ad during the April 2007 campaign to highlight this matter, but Pete nevertheless won big at the polls.

"Oh but no, people love Pete and that's why he won. It had nothing to do with his skills and I agree with the 'pretender' adjective." stated Phil The Lurker, his opponent during the election.

Interestingly, Steve's hair has never been healthier and his hair length has increased significantly during the summer. HOwever, Steve admitted that he largely attributes it to his rigorous hair combing and hair care regimen that includes seeing his hairdresser in Salida every six weeks - something Pete has had nothing to do width.

In fact, Pete's only known contribution to Steve was a statement Pete made in the chat room, after reading the article about Steve's Red Vines breakfast:

"You need bran muffins for breakfast for your hair!" typed Pete.

Reactions about Pete's unimpressive 39% approval rating from other "regulars" on the web site were mixed.

"I think the poll itself is a cry for help from Steve!" wrote Chris (i.e. "Florida Nuke").

"Personally, I think Pete is doing a great job!" typed Kansas Kelly in an IM discussion with Steve.

As for Steve, his thoughts on the controversy over his Hair Consultant were somewhat supportive of Pete.

"I'm more upset with Joe Torre and his bullpen management right now; Pete is okay with me but it's true he hasn't done squat." said Steve.

NOTE: Read more about past Hair Consultants here: Hair Consultant History Page.

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