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Sits Ups Done Between Eruptions At Yellowstone's Old Faithful!

(Steve Determined To Abolish "Herman The Stomach" With Constant Stomach Crunches - October 28, 2006)

Old Faithful YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING -- The life of "Herman The Stomach" are very numbered these days!

Showing just how dedicated he is to abolishing his fat stomach known by the unflattering nickname of "Herman The Stomach," Steve performed 40 stomach crunches on a bench at the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Steve and his friend "~A~" were searching for creative ways to combat boredom as they waited for the nationally-known geyser to erupt.

"Doing the stomach crunches helped alleviate some of the monotony, I'll admit." stated Steve (right photo), who exhibited a pained face while doing the crunches.

About 25 minutes after performing the stomach crunches, the Old Faithful Geyser erupted scaling water 150 feet in the air as it predictably does in approximate 90 minute intervals. (See photo below)

Some, including Montana native ~A~ (her nickname), questioned the appropriateness of doing stomach crunches in public.

"Can I ask, what are your motives are for doing sit-ups in public?" asked ~A~ (left photo) with some concern, "Are you trying to impress someone?"

"I think there's a time and a place for stomach crunches, but I'm not sure that a national natural treasure is really an ideal place." stated Kelly in Kansas.

Sheila in Colorado Springs had a more cynical perspective: "People go to Yellowstone to observe all of the beauty the park has to offer. The mountains. The geysers. The wildlife. The last thing people ought to see is that large stomach of yours." she said.

Old Faithful In Yellowstone National ParkRegrading the allegation that he was trying to impress someone, Steve vehemently denied those charges and became very defensive the next day.

"I can't win. Either I'll be made fun of for my stomach or I'll be criticized for doing stomach crunches." exclaimed Steve, "I'm tired of all of these people who 'hide behind the computer' and always see fault." said Steve.

"The point is where you do your stomach crunches. There could have been little kids there!" added Sheila.

In the past month, Steve has been diligently working out five to six days per week at a local gym where he has focused on lengthy cardiovascular exercises and various stomach strengthening exercises. He contended he was becoming "fed up" with endless teasing and ridiculing of his pudgy stomach by friends. His 40 stomach crunches were an "off day," for he usually performs 150 to 200 stomach crunches during his regular exercise routine.

"We're going to have a big party in the chat room when this stomach is gone." concluded Steve, "You can count on that."

You can view Steve's picture collections inside Yellowstone National Park at these links: Yellowstone National Park, Craig Pass.

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