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Meltdown Transpires During "Atonal Music Appreciation Month"

Awful Music On Steve's "My Space" Page Messes With Mental Sanity - December 9, 2006

Steve BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Any have an extra dose of mental sanity out there?

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi experienced a "meltdown" after playing really awful and disturbing music that was part of "Atonal Music Appreciation Month" on his myspace page. (

"Oh it just go so bad." explained Steve (adjacent photo), "I started to freak out and I found myself getting mad and irritable for no apparent reason. I then realized it was the music that was doing it to me."

Atonal music avoids a tonal center and among Steve's favorites were European composers such as Alexander Scriabin, Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Krzysztof Penderecki of the early 20th century. He was introduced to the genre by his younger brother, an accomplished bass guitarist in a band based in New York City.

"It makes me want to take a storng laxative"

Public reaction to Steve's myspace music focused mainly on the negative, with the piano-based opera number by Alban Berg titled "Wozzeck Act 3 Scene 3" (right photo) receiving the most criticism. (As for Sunday night, December 11, the song is playing on Steve's myspace page: Also, Berg's page:

"It makes me want to take a strong laxative. Maybe the guy (Alban Berg) could tune the piano he dragged out of the abandoned, burned out school building before recording with it." stated Scott Baker in Colorado Springs.

Glenda in Texas stated, "You know, I'll bet I could let my daughter play the piano and come up with something that sounds like that!"

The possible corelation between Steve's choice of music on his myspace page and his nonexistent dating life was also discussed.

"Steve, I think you are really risking some of those cute girls deleting you from their friends list! LOL!! You are crazy with your music this weekend." wrote Lisa in Oklahoma.

"WHAT THE! ... Steve, that's Italian barber shop music." exclaimed Pete when listening to Alban Berg's song, "They scream & shout because Don Corleone sent his goons to hit them! We're going to discuss this chain of non-woman-attracting MySpace music in the next Hair Consultant election."

Steve Adjacent photo: Steve shutters with his eyes closed on Saturday as he listened to atonal music on his myspace page during "Atonal Music Appreciation Month."

According to Steve, the song that "put him over the edge" was Krzysztof Penderecki's piece titled Threnody. (You can listen to Penderecki's music here:

"I had a really depressing song by Arnold Shoenberg on there and then Penderecki's piece with the stringed instruments was so beautiful and creative in a haunting kind of way, but I made the mistake of listening to it over and over again." stated Steve.

"That's when the problems began." added Steve.

"(Penderecki's Threnody) sounds like something from 2001 A Space Odyssey, like when the monkeys start beating stuff with clubs." added Florida Pete.

As of this writing (Sunday, 12/11/06), Steve has formally ended "Atonal Music Appreciation Month." Until he finds a song to his liking, he will maintain the piano piece accompanied by opera singers by Alban Berg on his myspace page.

"I might go with something by Steven Curtis Chapman or Jack Johnson like before," asserted Steve, "All I know is, my sanity is a priority here and a change will be made soon."

Visit Steve's myspace page here!

You are welcome to comment on atonal classical music or the current song on Steve's my space page on his:


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