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Untidy Kitchen Gets "Out Of Hand" With Messiness!

Friend: "That Is The Most Disgusting Spectacle I Have Ever Seen" - August 19, 2006

BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi has never had a good reputation for keeping things neat and clean, but the latest photos of his kitchen indicate things have gotten way "out of hand" in his living quarters.

It all started when Scott Baker of Colorado Springs visited stopped by Steve's place enroute to hike in the mountains and encountered the mess.

"That is the most disgusting spectacle I have ever seen for a kitchen." exclaimed Scott as he pointed towards the sink, "It is very unnerving to see all this."

The photos on this page reveal empty boxes, bottles and containers near an overstuffed garbage basket, a messy plate, an uncleaned french coffee press and other items in the microwave area, and unwashed plates, utencils, coffee grinds and other crap in the sink.

"I have heard stories about your kitchen and it is an abomination," contended Paula in Denver, "I fear for your public safety and health."

According to Steve, the Buena Vista resident admits he has "gotten away" from good cleaning habits but insisted he has a right to be the way he is.

"I'm 34-years-old and nobody is going to push me around with public pressure about how things are in my cabin. I just might not clean it just to make a point about this." contended Steve defensively (bottom right).

"Yeah, but imagine if you just spent 15 minutes everyday cleaning ... how nice your apartment would be." retorted Scott.

A closer look at the kitchen sink area (bottom left) shows some of the items piled on his kitchen counter could easily be placed in the garbage. They include Walmart brand boxes of waffles, an empty bottle of root beer and plates that belong in the cabinet.

"I'm not saying it isn't messy," added Steve, "but I just get all mentally confused when I look at my kitchen."

Steve's messy kitchen area has been covered in the past on this web site. In September 2004, British guest Nick Hughes and "Kansas Kelly" expressed their repulsion over dirty dishes that had been sitting in Steve's kitchen sink for over a month. Steve has also been criticized for having a dirty bath mat in his bathroom and he once removed nine pounds of garbage and litter that had accumulated in his Honda CRX.

"I don't want to hear any crap about having a 'lived-in' look. What you are doing is really gross!" exclaimed Alice R. in Colorado Springs.

"You have three empty waffle boxes? How many weeks have they been there? My 7 year old daughter is neater!" wrote Tom in Florida.

Phil Ladden, a friend in Canon City has semi-encouraging words for Steve: "What baffles me, Steve, is that you don't even mind when company comes over. I have been in the same shape ... and if I knew someone was stopping by I would clean things up, it would be my motivator."

"On the other side, it shows a genuineness about who you are ... no pretentiousness! And that is a good thing!" added Phil.

Scott, the friend who actually discovered the kitchen mess, summarized his views: "Since this will probably go on the web site, I want everyone to know it is even more unnerving to see all this in person that it does with photos." said Scott, "Steve, I hope your kitchen is in better shape the next time I come out."

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