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Microwaved Fish Sticks And Waffles Eaten For Lunch

Walmart Store-Brand Foods; Ketchup Added To Fish Sticks; Waffles Eaten Plain - July 13, 2006

Fish Sticks And Waffles BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Here we go again with the scary eating stories! This afternoon, it was reported that Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi microwaved Walmart store-brand fish sticks and toasted two blueberry waffles for lunch. He added ketchup to the fish sticks and ate the waffles plain - no butter, no syrup, no nothing!

"Steve, I just don't know why you do this to yourself," stated Kansas Kelly in Olathe, KS, "The average zoo animal probably eats better than you."

Amy in Leadville, Colorado gave full vent to her thoughts, "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That sounds so gross. Were the fish sticks soggy? That would be so disgusting and totally bland to eat."

According to Steve, he went grocery shopping at the Walmart in Salida and was fully stocked with many foods that can be microwaved for quick consumption. Although he ate his blueberry waffles plain (for he did not have butter or syrup), he added ketchup to the fish sticks to liven the flavor.

"The fish sticks were pretty good," stated Steve, "I'm full and ready to take on my tasks for the afternoon."

Steve Garufi Eating (Adjacent photo: Steve gobbles a fish stick with ketchup in his kitchen.)

Steve's questionable eating habits have been covered on this web site on many occasions. He once ate a full plate of corn and pears for dinner, feasted on spaghetti for six days in a row, and consumed two root beer floats for breakfast.

"I just don't understand what it is with you and eating. Have you ever thought about seeking help for your issues?" added Kelly in Kansas, "I mean... you're a therapist. What the heck is going on with you?!"

There are many fish sticks remaining from Steve's box of 54 and looks forward to eating the rest of them soon.

"The fish sticks will definitely be gone in the next day or so, but I just might pick up something like syrup to put on the waffles," stated Steve.

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