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Josh Sworn In As Newest Hair Consultant!

"Florida Pete" Fired For One Month Of No Contact; Josh Vows To Start New Era - December 11, 2007

BUENA VISTA, CO - There is a new Hair Consultant in town!

Josh M., a personal friend of Steve who grew up in Buena Vista and lives full-time in New Zealand, was sworn-in as Steve's 18th Hair Consultant in the history of Steve's long, naturally curly hair. Josh vowed to start a "new era" of positive encouragment for Steve in growing his hair as long as possible.

"I have always wanted to be Hair Consultant. This is a dream come true!" stated Josh at a local cafe, his first words after becoming Hair Consultant.

Josh promoted a product known as "Mane and Tail," a hair care product for horses known for softening hair. Josh had really long hair after graduating college, but admitted that on this very day, he did not even comb his hair to meet with Steve.

Josh Josh has been photographed on the web site on one previous occasion. The red-haired young man celebrated with Steve when he purchased two spiffy BP shirts at a local gas station. (Left photo)

Josh will be living in Buena Vista for two more weeks before returning to New Zealand and hopes to meet again soon to participate in some kind of outdoor Colorado adventure. He is a regular visitor of this web site (even in New Zealand) and plans to continue keeping in touch when he's on the other side of the planet.

Florida Pete Fired

Josh replaces "Florida Pete," who served in the esteemed position from April 2007 until today. Pete did practically nothing to help Steve in his hard work and strategies of growing his hair as long as possible. Elected in April 2007 with the largest vote margin in history, his tenure has been fairly dismal, with a mere 39% approval rating among visitors of this web site. Pete was fired after having no communication with Steve on the forums for an entire month - one of the predetermined conditions that would allow Steve to fire an elected Hair Consultant.

"It was definitely time to make a change and Pete's dead beat behavior warranted his dismissal." stated Steve.

The position of Hair Consultant was created in 1999 so that Steve would have a "go to" person when he needed encouragement and someone to talk to about reaching his long hair goals. A Hair Consultant acts similar to an AA sponsor; If Steve were to suddenly and stupidly decide to cut his hair really short (like a lot of women do when they have emotional problems), he could call his Hair Consultant to pull him out of doing it.

Although there is a Hair Consultant election annually in April to determine Hair Consultants, Steve's plans to bicycle across America would likely cancel the event if he takes that on.

"For now, I'm going back to the old days where I pick and choose Hair Consultants as I feel good about them." stated Steve.

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