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Hair Consultant Fired Two Days Before Christmas!

Josh Dismissed From Job Duties; Steve Criticized For Timing Of Firing - December 23, 2007

Steve Hair Consultant Josh BUENA VISTA, CO -- Talk about getting a lump of coals for Christmas!

Hair Consultant Josh was reportedly fired yesterday just two days before Christmas.

The "final straw" for his dismissal was when Josh refused to spend time with Steve in the mountains after earlier agreeing he would. The fact that he leaves for New Zealand in two days and that he really did not know anything about long hair care were also contributing factors.

"It was definitely time to let Josh go. He really wasn't around much and I'd like to take my long hair in a new direction." stated Steve during a press conference, as he gazed at a Christmas tree and wore a large red bow to spread Christmas cheer.

Josh was not available for comment, but he was recently photographed appearing distraught and somber, a very fitting picture considering the news.

"You're such a jerk! I can't believe you did this right before Christmas!" exclaimed Christine in Colorado Springs, "I'm sure someday you'll discover the true meaning of Christmas."

"And what about Josh's feelings? Do you have a heart?" asked Josephine in Salida.

Josh Kansas Kelly, a critic of Hair Consultant Josh from the beginning, had a unique perspective. "I'm glad you fired him. I never liked him and he is a 'ginger head.'"

According to Steve, he initally thought about firing Josh while attending a Sunday church service in the morning. After enjoying an eggnog latte at a local cafe, Steve concluded it was appropriate to fire Josh without delay.

"The Christmas cheer of the season put me over the top to fire him." contended Steve.

Josh, who served as the 18th Hair Consultant in history, had the shortest term of service (12 days) among his predecessors. He will be most remembered for holding up two large clumps of snow during a snow photography adventure near Salida (left photo).

The position of Hair Consultant was created in 1999 so that Steve would have a "go to person" and coach for growing his long, naturally curly hair as long as possible. Over the years, the position has evolved to the Hair Consultant being a public figure head on this web site. At this time, it is unknown who will be appointed next to serve in the esteemed position.

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