Colorado Guy Christmas Lights
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Plate Of Hot Dogs Candle Received As Christmas Gift

(Leftover "White Elephant Gift" Appreciated and Photographed by Steve - December 25, 2008)

Steve and Steve Hot Dog Candle BUENA VISTA, CO -- Talk about a Christmas gift making a major impact in one's life!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi was overjoyed to the point of tears when he unwrapped a novelty candle in the design of a plate of hot dogs with potato chips. Local teenager Stephen Naegele (right photo) was the generous gift giver.

"This candle is so amazing. It made my Christmas complete." said Steve, as he posed for a picture.

According to the family, Stephen Naegele won the candle at a white elephant gift exchange and had no use for it.

"When my Mom saw it, she said, 'You should give that to Steve. He'd like it.'" explained Stephen.

The candle, completely made of wax, is the actual size of a plate with two hot dogs in buns. Each hot dog has a wick with intricate details that show catsup, mustard, onions and relish.

"Just looking at this candle make me hungry!" exclaimed Steve.

After calming down from the excitement, Steve admitted this gift does not quite compare to last year's best - an .mp3 player given by his older brother Dave. Sadly, the .mp3 player was stolen along with his bike in Phoenix, AZ during his bike trip across America.

During the family Christmas gathering, Steve did not light the candle. Instead, he plans to light it during Drama Queen Day, an annual holiday in late January where Steve and his friends light candles in an effort to make a strong stand against drama queens and their annoying behviors.

Left Photo: Steve with the Naegele family on Christmas Day.

This is not the first white elephant gift to be profiled on this web site. Last year, Steve won an ugly figurine with gaudy flowers and butterflies at a Christmas party in Park County.

Last year, Steve also attended the Naegele Christmas family gathering and made quite an impression. He wore open toed sandals with no socks as a gesture to celebrate the snowy white Christmas.