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14 Pounds Of Garbage And Crap Removed From Car!

(5-Month Old Ketchup Packet On Dashboard; Vehicle Deemed a "Health Hazard" - May 23, 2007)

Steve at Cottonwood Pass COTTONWOOD PASS, CO -- 14 pounds of garbage and litter were removed from the inside of Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's Honda Accord yesterday, which set a new, all-time record for the heaviest amount of crap removed from one of Steve's vehicles.

Among the many items of garbage found inside his car were: Dunkin' Donuts bags and napkins, two remnants of candles in glass jars, beef jerky wrappers, a Tucson fold-out map, broken sunglasses, a shoe box, an Arizona watermon drink can, a scratched-up Julio Iglesias CD, national park brochures and various water bottles.

Most alarmingly, a ketchup packet that had sat on the dashboard for five months was finally removed. Steve claimed he "chucked it up there and forgot about it" after eating at the Sonic Drive-In in Salida, Colorado in December.

Messy Car "Your car is a health hazard! I think you're a slob ... You ought to be ashamed of yourself to drive around in a trash can." wrote Brandi (known as "Rocky Mountain Woman" on the forums), a registered nurse in central Kansas.

Lisa in Victor, Colorado had a unique perspective about the ketchup packets: "I tell you what, I couldn't do it. Your car would be inundated with roaches if you did that in Florida where I used to live." she said.

According to the photo above, Steve filled up three tall-sized garbage bags with litter which weighed in at six pounds. The bad tire in the back seat added the remaining eight pounds for the new record of 14 pounds of garbage. Steve did not mention why he was hauling around an old tire in his back seat from a flat tire incident 13 months ago.

"To break this record is just a really special thing for me. This tops the copy machine breaking Lou Gehrig's record and the Big Gulp Streak for sure." stated Steve.

The feedback about Steve's messiness continued to come in as the news was discussed on the forums.

Ketchup Packet "Did you find any chipmunks hibernating in there? And what if you had asked a girl out on a date, where would she sit?" asked Lisa W., a concerned friend in Telluride, Colorado.

The rare cleaning of the car was part of Steve's celebration that Cottonwood Pass, located at the continental divide at 12,126 feet, had opened for vehicular traffic during Colorado's warm season.

Adjacent Photo: A close-up view of the ketchup packet that had been on the dashboard for five months from a visit to a Sonic Restaurant in Salida. Colorado.

The previous record was eight pounds of garbage, after Steve cleaned out his car in Manitou Springs, Colorado in 2002.

Snow Photos Along The Cottonwood Pass Region - May 23, 2007
Small Tree With Snow Colorado Guy
Some photos of snowfall and snowy scenery in the middle portion of the canyon.
Cottonwood Pass Road Cottonwood Pass Road
Chaffee County Road 306
Chaffee County Road 306
More scenery among the upper stretches of Chaffee County Road 306.

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    Gunnison County Snow I snapped this photo of the very beginning of Gunnison County Road 209 on the west side of the divide. My dear friend Nick in Britian (See: Extreme Ironing, Radio Show) really loved Gunnison and Gunnison County during his last visit and this photo is for him and his wife! ;)
    The small pool of water west of Cottonwood Pass would be in the foreground, although it's covered in snow.

    Two photos east of the divide.

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