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Steve Shows His Farmer's Tan To Friends With Pride

Many Are Impressed With Conspicuous Tan Lines On Arms, Upper Legs and Ankles

Steve's Farmer's Tan Farmer's Tan BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Steve has a farmer's tan and he's showing it to the world!

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi proudly revealed his well-defined tan lines, frequently termed a "farmer's tan," to many of his friends yesterday at a local cafe and weekly church gathering.

"It's almost surreal. Your arm looks like a typical white person and the rest looks like a lobster," stated Myranda, at Bongo Billy's Cafe (right photo).

Later at a church-related fellowship group, Allen C. of Park County suggested to Steve that he raise his shorts to show his contrasting "leg tan" in front of nine people. "Now that's what I call a farmer's tan," exclaimed Allen.

According to Steve, the major tan lines on his arms, upper legs and ankles came about from his 102-mile bicycle ride to the Great Sand Dunes National Park on Monday. Steve applied sunscreen to his face, but didn't think to apply it to other parts of his body.

Not all seemed impressed with Steve's farmer's tan, including Kansas Kelly, a regular visitor of this website.

"I'm not sure your farmer's tan will help your dating life," said Kelly, "I have my concerns, unless you're trying to attract the trailer trash variety."

"I know I look like a freak, but I feel good about it. I'm a freak and I'm proud!" shouted Steve.

Photos below: Steve's ankle and arms as he played frisbee with friends at the Great Sand Dunes.

Ankle Tan Farmer's Tan

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