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50+ Dunkin Donuts Visits During New Jersey Trip

(Steve Becomes Emotional And Celebrates Feat With Friend Emily; Makes Amusing Video Clip - September 3, 2008)

Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts Food and Coffee NORTH NEW JERSEY -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi stunned his friends and family throughout the world with the shocking news that he visited a Dunkin Donuts shop for the 50th time during his extended four-week visit to New Jersey.

Considering Steve lives in the small town of Buena Vista, Colorado, where the nearest Dunkin Donuts is 103 miles away in Colorado Springs, Steve has taken advantage of having so many Dunkin Donuts nearby. He is also the webmaster of, an Internet meeting place for Dunkin Donuts enthusiasts.

"I will never take for granted the hundreds and thousands of them all over the Northeast." he said.

Steve shared his secret about how he visited Dunkin Donuts so often.

"You know how some people are adamant that they can't start their day without their fresh orange juice, doing Yoga or reading the Bible or something like that? Well, I made sure I visited a Dunkin Donuts every morning to start the day right." said Steve.

Dunkin Donuts Steve usually orders a decaf coffee with cream, no sugar with great flavoring like toasted almond, vanilla spice, blueberry, coconut or cinnamon. Sometimes he would include a bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich with tater tots (photo above) with his daily routine. Steve denied eating many donuts, although he cited two occasions when Dunkin Donuts employees gave him a full bag of free donuts during late evening visits, apparently because he had become such a frequent visitor at one particular shop.

Emily, a flight attendant friend who happened to be in New York City today, traveled across the Hudson River to New Jersey to celebrate this major feat with Steve. (Left Photo)

"I am very proud of you. This is quite an accomplishment, something you can tell your grandchildren with pride someday." said Emily, an ex-Starbucks employee who tried (and liked) her first Dunkin Donuts coffee in her life.

"I want the world to know I'm a Dunkin Donuts man and I'm darned proud!" Steve shouted during the celebration.

Celebrating unorthodox accomplishments is nothing new to Steve. He once celebrated the 17th anniversary of a black Ralph Lauren shirt that remains in his wardrobe. He also witnessed a copy machine break Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 when it printed 2,194 consecutive copies in 2001.

"I'll admit I got a little emotional when I was with Emily at the Dunkin Donuts. That's when the 50 visits really began to set in." explained Steve, "My eyes became moist, but fortunately I sucked the tears back into my eyeball."

Steve considered doing a "Dunkin Donuts marathon" by visiting 50 Dunkin Donuts shops in a 24 hour stint, but settled on his regimen of visiting a shop about twice per day. The most he ever visited in one day was five.

My Dunkin Donuts Video

Footage of Emily and I having a great time at Dunkin Donuts.

You can see more of my video clips here: Piece Of Garbage!

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