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Redneck Friends Make Tribute To Steve In Concrete

"SG" Initials Etched Into Foundation At Their Buena Vista Trailer Home

Concrete Dave and Janelle BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi was honored today when his initials were etched in a concrete foundation of the home of Dave and Janelle Blackburn (adjacent photo), two "backwoods residents" in the mountain town of Buena Vista.

The couple, who moved here from Tennessee, put the initials "SG" to pay tribute to Steve and this web site, which they enjoy visiting.

"I tell people, 'Y'all need tah shut your mouths 'n visit Colorada Guy dot com and see what he's up to!'" stated Dave, during a break from shoveling concrete.

"You hurling the creamer was the best!" he added, "And the one where you banged things against your head was on tha' troublin' side, buy hey, my wife 'n I were laughin so hard 'bout it."

Trailer Home Support From Ordinary Colorado Folks

Later in the day, Steve expressed his gratitude and sense of honor from the deed. He even took a picture and pointed a red arrow toward the tribute.

"I feel great about myself. This definitely does something for my self-esteem," reflected Steve.

"Your friends look like very nice people and hard workers ... they look like they should live in Georgia!" stated Lacey, who has lived in the Peach State for her entire life.

Bill Rogan in Denver stated, "That's quite an honor, but I would have been more impressed if they also asked for a hand print ... like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."

The permanence of the concrete made the tribute even more special for Steve.

"To think that concrete could be there for decades and decades is a special thing," said Steve.

"Don't be so sure," contended Tom in Florida, "A tornado will take out the concrete, fence post and trailer home if one ever comes by."

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