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Leftover Festival Cake Sat In Trunk For Two Weeks!

The 2006 Colorado Guy Festival "Lives On" In Spirit and Microbial Life - September 24, 2006

BUENA VISTA, CO -- The 2006 Colorado Guy Festival is living on in spirit and microbial life!

The leftover cake from the barbeque at the 2006 Colorado Guy Festival had been sitting in the trunk of Scott Baker of Colorado Springs for the past two weeks, and Scott grinned proudly for the camera when the cake was finally revealed to the public with much anticipation.

The cake was offered at the barbeque on Labor day - three long weeks ago! - to celebrate "Hair Consultant Appreciation Day," one of Steve's annual web site holidays that expresses gratitude to current and past Hair Consultants. Little did anyone know that the cake would live on to gain such notoriety.

"OMG!! The cake is still alive!!! And I bet it's teeming with many unidentified microbes ... Don't even feed it to the bears." wrote Dave Ortiz in New Mexico.

"Alive is right!" wrote Florida Pete on the Friendship Board, "I want a piece with the blue icing!"

Steve From the activities this weekend, the cake was brought to Cottonwood Pass for a "photo op" (bottom right) and was placed in the computer area of Steve's web cam on Saturday night.

At Cottonwood Pass (altitude 12,126 feet), Steve sniffed the cake and stated: "The cake doesn't really smell bad. It still has a sugary smell." (left photo)

Many web site vistiors urged Steve to take a bite of the cake, expecting Steve to vomit anything he consumed as he did with a bottle of coffee creamer last spring and 40-year-old bottle of mineral water last year.

Steve "Where's the picture of Scott and Steve taking a bite, sharing it like Steve did with Nick on Kelly's bubblegum shake from Sonic?" wrote Lisa.

"I can't believe the cake still lives. Did you two bury it up in Cottonwood Pass?" Lisa added.

Scott and Steve mutually agreed to keep the leftover cake in the freezer of Steve's cabin in Buena Vista, but in the same way Steve refused to answer whether his Yankees shirt was smelly when he wore it for four consecutive days, he refused to answer what his long-term plans are for the cake.

"It's in the freezer and I'm not going to say anything else about it right now." stated Steve, "I'm sure the cake will make the news at some point in the future."

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