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Locals Sponsor Steve's Bike Ride With Biscuits!

Down-To-Earth Mountain Friends Give Stash Of Biscuits To Show Support - January 23, 2008

Biscuits Biscuits BUENA VISTA, CO -- Who needs Wheaties or granola bars when you've got loads of biscuits?

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's upcoming plans to bicycle across America this spring received a major boast when friends Dave and Janelle generously gave him a large stash of homemade biscuits last night.

Locals Dave and Janelle B. are "simple mountain folks" with little money and four kids, but they wanted to show their support for Steve's upcoming bike ride.

"We moved here from Georgia and y'all kain't take away the southern hospitality in us." stated Dave, "Eat awwwwwl those biscuits and just keep on peddlin' Steve!"

As seen in the adjacent photo, there were twelve biscuits in all with one noticeably burnt on the bottom. Steve really appreciated the gift and plans to bring them along in one of his storage compartments on his bike.

Biscuit Eating "You know, these biscuits ain't too shabby especially with blueberry jam on them." exclaimed Steve after eating one.

Although Steve has articles about various things he has eaten in his adults years, like corn and pears, fish sticks, red vines and Jujyfruits, he has not had many eating experiences with ordinary biscuits.

Once news spread about the generous biscuits gift, a flurry of responses came about on this web site.

"Biscuits can be a lot more helpful than receiving corporate money with strings attached." stated Jeff R. in an e-mail.

Jennifer in Oklahoma admitted she probably would not give biscuits as a gift to anyone, but stated: "Biscuits are a big thing down here (in the South). You don't eat without having biscuits in there somehow."

"They look like the supermarket brand type of biscuits. I really like those because they are so convenient to make." said local Arlene.

Steve's friends Dave and Janelle have been covered on this web site previously. Their gingerbread home last year was deemed a dilapidated "crack house" weeks after the holiday season. They also etched Steve's initials in concrete next to their trailer home to honor him.

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