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Sarah Becomes First Hair Consultant Ever To Attend Festival!

Florida Pete Defeats Sarah During Burping Contest; Sarah Hurls On Patio Deck (September 3, 2006)

Colorado Guy Festival MAYSVILLE, COLORADO -- The curse of dead beat and loser Hair Consultants has been broken!

To the pleasant surprise and shock of many, Hair Consultant Sarah of Idaho actually attended the 2006 Colorado Guy Festival and was present for the ceremonies related to "Hair Consultant Appreciaton Day" during the Sunday barbeque. Sarah posed proudly beside a decorative cake and many complimented Steve on the length and quality of his long curly hair as seen in the picture below.

Sarah has been largely viewed as a very effective Hair Consultant who has been actively involved in helping Steve with his goal of growing his hair at least halfway down his back. She has frequently called Steve on the phone during the summer and has given valuable advice about hair products and daily hair care routines.

"If I even see you wearing a pony tail, I am going to rip it out," said Sarah, whose domineering personality seems to effective in keeping Steve on track, "You will have me to contend with if that happens. Got it?"

Colorado Guy Festival "I am definitely happy with Sarah. It's a peculiar feeling for her to be here, because I am so used to complaining and griping about my Hair Consultant not being here." added Steve.

The list of uninvolved Hair Consultants is quite lenghty. Hair Consultant Ben shunned the Colorado Guy community when he no-showed the 2005 festivies in Arkansas. In 2004, Hair Consultant Phil was nowhere to be found and was subsequently fired soon after for his absence. Lastly, Hair Consultant Alissa (known as "Alamosa Girl") was the first person to insult barbeque participants when she ignored invitations to attend and meet with her friends - the very people who voted for her into the position! Alissa was consequently fired in disgrace.

"It's definitely a new era for Hair Consultants." reflected Kelly in Kansas, who attended the entire 2006 Colorado Guy Festival.

Florida Pete Defeats Sarah In Burp Contest; Sarah Embarrassingly Hurls On Patio Deck

Colorado Guy Festival Despite having a wonderful day at the festivies, Hair Consultant Sarah endured a very troubling, and downright humiliating experience when she lost a burping contest to "Florida Pete," the candidate who came within just one vote of defeating her in the 2006 Hair Consultant election.

Pete confidently emitted burps that were louder, longer and more graceful than Sarah, and at one point, Sarah bungled a burp that led to her hurling her beverage on the patio deck as others watched in disbelief.

"Oh it was pretty bad," reflected Steve, "It reminded me of my coffee creamer incident."

Colorado Guy FestivalAs Sarah "yakked" on the patio, Pete remained calm and collected and had the class not to rub in the extremely awkward moment.

Some, however, used the incident as an opportunity to spout their dissenting opinions of Sarah.

"Sarah is a very nice person, but as a Hair Consultant, she is a disgrace!" contended Phil Ladden, an owner of a restaurant in Canon City who has been a vocal support for Pete.

Colorado Guy FestivalOne individual spoke solely on the condition of anonymity. "Like what Phil said, I think highly of Sarah, but as Hair Consultant she comes off as a little too young in a way that makes me wonder if she is up for the job."

Supporters of Pete have contended that news articles have been "slanted" towards making Pete look like a worse candidate that he is. For instance, Pete was mocked and ridiculed for voting for Mike Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election as a young and idealistic man with little life experience, even though he admitted he made a mistake.

"If there has been anything that's scandalous, it's been how Pete has been treated in the Hair Consultant elections." Phil stated.

"You trouncing Sarah in the burp contest has got to get you closer to being Hair Consultant." Scott said to Pete.

The 2006 Colorado Guy Festival Barbeque - September 3, 2006
Keema, Steve and Rhonda Keema, myself and Rhonda. Keema and Rhonda are both from Arkansas and attended the 2005 Festival in northwest Arkansas. It was so wonderful to spend some time with them doing adventures in Colorado's Rocky Mountains! :)
Scott and Florida Pete Scott and Florida Pete seemed to hit it off quite well! (Mt. Aetna, 13,743 feet, is in the background.)
Sarah and Dr. Jon Sarah and Dr. Jon Two photos of Sarah and Dr. Jon.
Nick Hughes Nick of Great Britain was the barbeque master! :)
Florida Pete But it was actually Florida Pete who got the grill working in the first place! ;)
Lars and Christine Lars and Tote attended the festivities! :)
BBQ Ribs Phil delivered a large amount of delicious BBQ ribs from his restaurant, the Homestead Restaurant in Florence.
Steve and Rhonda Rhonda really enjoyed playing with my hair! :)
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  • Kelly and Steve At one point, Kelly jumped on me and was punched me a few times. :(
    Keema and Christine Keema and Tote.
    What a great picture! :)
    Rich and Lisa Rich and Lisa ("Morgan Luver") from Victor came in the evening to enjoy the festivities.
    Burp Contest

    Colorado Guy Festival
    The burping contest.
    Laura and Nick Laura and Nick from Great Britain. :)
    Colorado Guy Festival Christine and Kansas Kelly.
    Scott and Brandi Scott and Brandi have a conversation.
    Colorado Guy Festival Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! ... Food!
    Colorado Guy Festival I love this photo of Christine and I. Look ... My hair actually looks good in this picture! :)
    Colorado Guy Festival Four attendees sit at the "quiet table." :p)
    Pete and Sarah Awwwww ... what a great shot of Florida Pete and Sarah! :)
    Sarah Sarah poses with the Hair Consultant Appreciation Day cake.
    Colorado Guy Festival In the living room.
    Colorado Guy Festival Much of the gang minus myself, Rich and Laura.
    Eating Me eating a cheeseburger.
    Colorado Guy Festival Another great shot!
    Nick, Florida Pete and myself.

    The "Story Of The Golden Goats Milk"
    Colorado Guy Festival Colorado Guy Festival
    Colorado Guy Festival
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I told "The Story of the Golden Goats Milk" and everyone seemed to love it! :)

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